Are sports bras better?

- Dec 10, 2018-

Women's Zip Front Closure Sports Bra

Now that many little fairies are starting to exercise, this is a good thing, so the little fairies know what to do with underwear during exercise? Some little fairies will say: continue to wear ordinary underwear. Big mistake is wrong! Do not wear ordinary underwear when exercising, or what is the use of sports bra! According to the survey, an amazing data shows that an average of 77% of women do not wear sport bras  during exercise, and about half of them think that wearing sports underwear is superfluous! ? 19% of people do not wear bras during exercise! God! This really refreshed my recognition. When women exercise, the breasts are in three-dimensional motion. The ordinary bra can only prevent women from moving up and down without exercising, but ordinary underwear does not play a protective 

role during exercise.

Many women said during exercise that wearing running bra  is too tight and uncomfortable, not as comfortable as ordinary underwear. Why are sports underwear too tight? Because it wants to protect your chest, it won't shake up and down during exercise! What is sports underwear, as the name implies, is worn during exercise, and it is best not to wear sports underwear at other times.

The biggest role of sports underwear is to protect the chest. It can support the weight of the chest during exercise to prevent sagging of the chest caused by long-term exercise. And the long-term large amount of exercise, the chest does not support the protection, it will also cause pectoralis major muscle tears, which is very serious. Moreover, sports underwear is generally very flexible, and the arm can flex and stretch when it is easy to exercise. Therefore, sports underwear plays a big role. It not only protects the chest from vibration caused by movement, but also prevents sagging. So be sure to wear sports underwear when exercising.