Are swimsuits better with or without rims?

- Apr 28, 2019-

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It depends on what your purpose is, if it's purely athletic, don't wear a steel rim. If you're wearing them on the beach, or at a swimsuit party, wear them with rims. Because it doesn't feel very comfortable, it doesn't feel like it, because you move your muscles when you're doing it, so when you take off your bathing suit, you have a swelling sensation in your chest. There's no such thing as a rimless swimsuit, which has a foam breast pad that makes you feel comfortable while working out. But if you just want to show off your body, you can still wear a steel ring, so that your body will be more

The ribbed one gives you a better shape, has a high head turn rate and won't affect swimming. Do not take, the bosom is a few bigger can have outspread. Then use the chest patch, but be careful not to do strenuous exercise. I saw the chest patch before and then fell out of the diving. This does not work, because swimsuit design when added the design of detachable bosom cushion only, and the design that does not have detachable steel rim, ah, next time when buying, notice to ask clear whether to contain steel rim

Oh, it won't hurt. Swimsuits are not worn every day. If it's uncomfortable, don't wear it at all. There are swimsuits without rims. If you are fat, buy a larger size. Had better tell him to sell the waist circumference of him, bust lets them help reference should buy the swimsuit of what size to suit.

I wonder if I can help you. Ah. Because I also sell swimsuits on taobao, let me say something from experience. Professional swimsuit, mainly suitable for swimming competition, daily training.

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Underwear brand swimsuit, sexy and lovely design, suitable for ordinary swimming, beach hip water.

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