Can a surfsuit serve as a swimsuit?

- Jan 15, 2019-

Surfing One Piece Swimsuit Bathing Suit.jpg

It is recommended to find something buoyant to be tied to the body, to wear life jackets, and to have rescue workers. When being caught by a big wave, you should protect your head and face with your hands, avoid being hit by surfboards, and replace the foot ropes regularly. You must have a rope break to keep the distance of other surfboards. Especially when the waves are big, the big rudder is easy to hurt. It is best to change the softness, or try to round it up. Don't be nervous when the foot rope is wrapped around the foot. Pull back the board and float it for treatment. When you break the rope, you must look at your physical strength and swimming skills. What should we pay attention to when surfing? ?


Surfers must abide by the rules of surfing and riding, one person and one wave, who is closest to the wave wall to take the first priority to stand up, at this time the competing surfers quickly brake or pump to stop surfing; surfing must be done well Have the skills of stealing waves, high fighting spirit, strong physical muscles, usually watch surf videos, surf magazines, surf with surfers, watch more, have more internet and exchange experience, so you can quickly Become a surf master; the best wave shape for surfing is the best way to push the waves on both sides of the slope. The most dangerous and worst wave is a wave of waves that burst in an instant. Please rest on the shore, everyone knows surfing. Can a surf suit  be a swimsuit?


The answer is yes, the high-quality surf suit is the best swimming suit, the current technology is quick-drying, the sun is dry in a few minutes, flexible, and excellent comfort. People who often wear winter wetsuit rarely wear the tight briefs or boxers. With the conscience, the surf suit will be a lot more handsome, and it can also reduce unnecessary embarrassing scenes. However, the price of real brand surf clothing is not cheap, especially in China, almost 500, the new ones are hundreds of thousands, so a simple pair of pants, but there is definitely a scientific content.