Can I wear a sports bra?

- Jan 23, 2019-

Women's Sports Bra Of Workout Fitness

Sports bra, sports can wear, usually wear naturally, but the sports bra is not suitable for long-term wear. This is the focus, occasionally wearing a wave, it is no problem. As for whether the chest will be flattened, this is not necessarily the right one for your sport bras . Is your chest type flat?

Sport bras , as the name implies, is a functional bra designed for the convenience of girls. During the exercise, the girl will continue to shake and rub the chest due to the inertia of the exercise, which will bring discomfort to the girl and even bring unnecessary strain to the chest. The big breasted girl will have more experience. Therefore, the main function of the sports bra is to wear comfortable, breathable and quick-drying, and shock-resistant to reduce friction.

Ordinary bra, as a daily wear for girls, the basic needs are comfortable to wear, breathable and warm, natural and healthy.

The sports bra can't be worn for a long time, mainly because the sports bra is fixed in the chest for exercise, shock-proof, and has a negative pressure design, that is, it has oppression for the chest. When buying a sports bra, the cup of the sports bra is usually one size smaller than the ordinary bra. In order to have a normal blood circulation and a smooth breath, it is not recommended for long-term wear.

Especially the current sports bra is too high, many fashionable girls like to wear sports bras.

Breast structure: The breast is composed of the lobular and ductal systems of the breast, skin fat, and ligaments connected in the middle. The movement under external forces is very sensitive and can easily cause contusions.

During exercise: especially when running, jumping, playing badminton, tennis, etc., the shaking of the breast can cause damage to the breast and ligament.

Studies have shown that in vigorous exercise, the swing of the breast can reach 14cm. Even for women in the A cup, the swing of the breast reaches 4cm in the strength test.

Therefore, sports bras are very necessary when exercising. The breast can be shock-absorbing, supporting, and avoiding the swaying effect, and the quick-drying material can effectively absorb moisture and perspiration, thereby achieving effective protection of the breast during exercise.