Can you wear sports underwear for a long time? Can sports underwear be worn as everyday underwear?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Wearing sports underwear during exercise can reduce the severe pain or drooping caused by chest shaking. Its shoulder strap is more than ordinary underwear, and there is no steel ring to tighten the chest. Although sports underwear is worn to feel like ordinary underwear, it is not good to wear sports underwear for a long time.

If you wear sports underwear as a normal underwear for a long time, it is not good for chest health, because sports underwear is more fixed to the chest than ordinary underwear. If you wear it for a long time, the chest will be too tight, which will affect the blood circulation of the chest and easily lead to There is sagging and sagging in the chest, and even some breast diseases.

Sports underwear is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, suitable for sports stretching and support, and can better protect the chest during exercise to meet people's daily exercise. It also shows the wearer's spirit and vitality. However, it is best to wear only during exercise and not in other non-sports.

The sports bra makes the chest more comfortable during exercise, reducing the pain or drooping caused by strenuous movements. The side belt is wider, there is no steel ring, and the shoulder strap is also much wider. It looks like a small vest, which can hold the chest tightly. It is not tidy at the time of exercise, but the disadvantage is that if you wear it every day, you will squeeze the chest. The sly, it is not good for the blood circulation of the chest. So don't wear a sports bra all day long.