Cheats to Wear Your Swimsuit

- Apr 03, 2020-

Recently, it is clear that summer is coming. It is obviously early summer, but the temperature is soaring upwards. Hangzhou is very hot every summer. I ca n’t help but feel shocked. It ’s time to come to the summer with a special summer promotion! By the way, you can start to think about where to go for summer this year ~

In summer, it is the happy water of the fat house with a bit of coolness, the juicy watermelon, the fragrant peanut butter cold, the crayfish of various flavors, and the barbecue booth full of fireworks at night. In addition to eating and drinking, the happiest summer is the beautiful teenagers and beautiful girls by the sea! In short, in the best summer, you must not waste the opportunity to hook up with the best people.

When it comes to summer, going to the seaside Kenting is the first choice. Whether you are just playing with water or want to hook up with a beautiful body, the equipment must not hinder you!

But after all, we are not Victoria's Secret models. Most swimwear is very exposed to short stature, flat chests, bucket waists, cellulite, and so on. Usually, you can't see the problems when wearing clothes. They are all under the thin fabric of swimwear! It takes time and energy to lose weight. More often, we still have to use electricity to be careful and avoid the shortcomings to choose a swimsuit that suits you!

Lady Velvet Bikini

This article is my swimsuit homework for you!

I ’m sorted by body type, and you can choose your own swimsuit according to your body shape ~

Straight bucket

Straight barrel girls, it seems that the whole person is very thin, born with clothes hangers. But if you wear a Bikini, although it is not fat and there is no fat on the waist, it is less curvy and sexy.

The biggest disadvantage of the straight barrel shape is that there is no waist curve. The easiest way to create a waistline is to have a one-piece swimsuit with a hollow waist ~! This kind of bathing suit with a hollowed-out waist is really sexy and more fashionable than fully exposed to Bikini!

flat chest

The first thing that everyone with a flat chest wears a bathing suit must consider is pads, and various silicone bras should be put on before putting on a bathing suit. In fact, bathing suits are not as full as they look. Many bathing suit styles look better with flat chests.

Flat chest wants to wear Bikini the most recommended tube top. The flat chest is very ins blogger style, and the fashion is explosive (yes, I found that many European and American ins bloggers are also flat chest). If you really can't accept the fact that your flat chest is exposed, you can choose a lotus leaf/shoulder. This model uses the puffed lotus leaf for decoration, which can make the chest look less flat visually ~

Pear shape

Pear-shaped body wearing a swimsuit we often fall into a misunderstanding, covering the lower body, especially wearing some boxer shorts or swimwear with a small skirt, this concealed style is not suitable for pear-shaped body, the more covered the more eye-catching !!

Pear-shaped bodies are very common in Europe and the United States. Like Kardashian and Beyonce are typical lower body swollen bodies, but they usually do not choose to wear small skirts or boxers, but they will wear high-stroke one-piece swimsuits. You noticed that it was really exposed, but it did not cover up so much. If you want to wear a bikini, you can choose a high-waist swim trunk. The upper body is no problem. Let the upper body bear more cloth and the lower body show more.

Big breast

There are two conservative ways to wear the big breasts and super sexy ~ The conservative ones must be conjoined, but the big breasts and conjoined ones do not pay attention to choosing styles and they will turn into mothers. The most recommended conservative + sexy one-piece swimsuit is the style of the hollowed-out strap! Other places are tightly wrapped to cover the fat. Only the middle part of the chest is a strapless vague chest, which is a fashionable and young one-piece model!

Bikini Although many people would recommend wearing a swimsuit with steel support and stronger support at the bottom, but I think that it is a bit old-fashioned to wear, and the woven boho Bikini that has been popular in the past two years, In fact, it is very suitable for big breasts, big breasts with knitting, soft and sexy, completely fine!