Children swimwear spot check more than 80% unqualified holiday with children swimming attention

- Apr 25, 2019-

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Swimming with children has become the choice of many parents, and the swimsuit is of course indispensable. As a close-fitting wear, but also a long-term soak in the pool or sea clothes, the swimsuit of higher quality requirements. So do children's swimsuits count?

Children swimwear spot check more than 80% unqualified holiday with children swimming attention

A few days ago, appoint of hangzhou disappear protect released children swimsuit to compare test result, 81.8% sampling brand children swimsuit does not accord with a standard, among them a variety of big shop sign swimsuit.

More than 80 percent of the children's swimsuits were found to be substandard

In this swimsuit product comparison test, except for the items required by the national mandatory standards, the test items also include the product instructions, fiber content, color fastness to sea water, chlorinated water (swimming pool water), light color fastness and stretch elastic elongation, etc.

Samples of children's swimsuits were drawn from 11 batches of 4 physical stores and 4 e-commerce platforms in hangzhou. Some parents called them "big brands" in the swimsuits they bought, such as decathlon, Disney, li ning and other well-known domestic brands.

However, the results were: of the 11 batches of children's swimsuits, 9 samples did not meet the standard, accounting for 81.8%. There are four non-conformance standards involved, which are product instructions, fiber content, light fastness and stretch elastic elongation.

Children swimwear spot check more than 80% unqualified holiday with children swimming attention

Table 1: item statistics of swimsuit products that do not meet the standards

Li ning, Disney, decathlon and other "big brands" are also unqualified

Li ning brand swimsuit involves two problems, namely, product instructions do not meet the standard and tensile strength does not meet the standard.

Disney children's swimsuits and decathlon knit suits don't meet the standard for tensile strength.

Children swimwear spot check more than 80% unqualified holiday with children swimming attention

Table 2: tensile strength does not meet the standard

In this test, the project of tensile elastic elongation is the most serious disaster area that does not meet the standard, and the non-compliance rate accounts for 72.7% of the total number of tests.

Stretch elastic elongation refers to the percentage of the elongation length of swimsuit fabric relative to the original length under the specified load. Stretch elastic elongation can reflect the quality of swimsuit fabric and is one of the important indexes for testing the quality of swimsuit products. Stretch elastic elongation is not up to the standard, it is easy to cause partial wear rupture, thus the risk of "naked".

What to watch out for when buying children's swimsuits?

So how do consumers choose swimsuits? The staff of hangzhou consumer protection commission put forward the following points for our attention:

Try on the swimsuit before buying it, not too tight

The gravity that considers water can produce to swimsuit pull a phenomenon, because this is normally, swimsuit of choose and buy wants to be a bit tighter than normal dress, but it is not better to be tighter, swimsuit is too tight can produce oppressive feeling to human body, cause limb to strangle mark, cause blood flow not free even, affect normal motion.

When fitting, can move the body appropriately, with a little tight, comfortable and motion freely is a principle.

(2) children suggest to choose split swimsuit

"Swimsuit had better avoid joining together more design, choice seam is thicker, smooth and fruity product, motion is too big otherwise cause joining together place to open line easily, appear" go out of light "risk. Staff members said that children are advised to choose split swimwear, easy to wear off.

The suggestion chooses the swimsuit that has lining

Last, because swimsuit all is close-fitting dress, suggest the person that the skin is easy allergy so chooses swimsuit of silk cover cotton, inside layer pure cotton is qualitative, without stimulation to the skin.

"A swimsuit with a lining on the crotch should last longer." The staff member says, in addition, had better choose the swimsuit with bigger contrast with water color, when encountering danger, facilitate discovery and rescue.