Choosing the Right Activewear

- Nov 29, 2019-

Here are a few things to know before choosing the right activewear: 

- The type of sportswear that you choose largely depends on the activity that you engage in. If your daily activity involves running or jogging, make sure that you choose clothes that absorb moisture. The fit (loose or well-fit) is largely a matter of personal choice. Some prefer to wear hooded sweatshirts, but these should be worn carefully to avoid overheating.

 - For those who love to cycle, tight-fitting clothes are best, as they allow the wearer to peddle easily. Loose-fitting dresses may be uncomfortable as they often rub against the skin. You may also need sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. 

- For those who do yoga, light cotton clothes are an ideal choice as they allow the body to breathe, and are comfortable as well. The clothes should fit well, to allow you to concentrate on the asanas rather than your clothes. 

- Light-colored fitness clothes are best as they absorb less heat when compared to dark clothes. 

- Style is very important, but it should never be compromised for comfort. Clothes that make you conscious, or divert your attention from the activity should be avoided.

- If you are trying a new exercise, its best to choose loose clothes, as they don't restrict you as much as tight clothes. - A sports bra is an ideal choice for women who engage in active sports. They're functional yet stylish.