Do you know anything about swimming trunks?

- May 06, 2019-

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Waterproof swimming trunks

A waterproof swimming trunks completely isolated from all pollution, bacteria and viruses in the water. The main material is silica gel, which is designed to be breathable and comfortable.

Fold the edge

This waterproof swimming trunks is a kind of swimming trunks without water or seepage. Compared with the traditional swimming trunks, the advantages are as follows:

1. Serious pollution of the environment and water, bacteria and viruses in the water, residual body fluids in the swimming pool, the use of traditional swimming trunks swimming in danger, especially women. Once the water into the swimming trunks represents the invasion of water pollution, may threaten human health, although human limbs can be cleaned, but special parts are difficult to clean;

2, people's living conditions, the water swimming more opportunities, also pay attention to health, waterproof is more necessary;

3, waterproof swimming trunks wear not only good-looking, comfortable, and completely isolated from any water pollution, bacteria, viruses;

4, all the men in the outdoor swimming ashore after I will meet a awkward situation is to go there to find a shelter for wet swimming trunks, which swimming trunks on wear underwear at ordinary times can be set directly, because of no water pants and not get wet, after ashore off swim trunks can directly put on the pants at home, avoid to find hidden place in bubble wet swimming trunks, all at the same time also cut off the water pollution, bacteria, protect good health.

5. Waterproof pocket design. You can lock your wallet, mobile phone and other heavy items in the car when swimming. This waterproof pocket is the solution.

Necessity of folding

As the world's only water does not seepage, fashion atmosphere design, can resist all bacteria in the water. With the worsening of environment, the rivers and lakes are subject to different degrees of pollution, even the swimming gymnasium the presence of large amounts of bacteria, the quality of the water to swim in such an environment of the infectious diseases in the water by swimming trunks female reproductive system, transmission in women gynecopathy, cured, serious word can also cause infertility. Thus, the key is to choose a waterproof and antibacterial swimming trunks.

With the invullable swimming trunks, women will no longer have to worry about contaminated water entering their reproductive system, even if they wear the swimming trunks during their periods. It is not only convenient for women, men can wear swimming trunks directly on the underwear they wear at ordinary times, and they can wear waterproof swimming trunks after disembarking.

Folding foreign waterproof pocket

Invented by American designers, the innovative swim shorts allow users to keep valuables in their pockets without being caught

Waterproof swimming trunks

Waterproof swimming trunks

Stealing or getting wet. The waterproof swim trunks cost about 482.8 yuan.

They look just like regular shorts, except with an extra waterproof pocket that allows swimmers to safely place their phones, wallets and other valuables. The swimmer simply puts the item in the 8cm pocket and locks the safety lock to keep the water out while swimming. The pockets are attached to the inside of the swim trunks by a fastening that is fastened to the fabric.