Do you know the history of the swimsuit?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Family Matching Swim Suit Mother Kid.jpgA one-piece swimsuit has straps and tubes, as well as chinese-style collars. The waist-like strap-on swimsuit is very traditional and is the style most people choose. Actually although the swimsuit of shoulder belt type is common, but through the change of shoulder belt, still can find a bit more special, be like before a few years abroad had popular one shoulder a head. The swimsuit of the bosom that opens deeply additionally and twine style, it is best to go up narrow the bodily form with wide bottom is decorated. And, add a distinctive modification on bust line, can make bodily form more hasten perfect.

The history of

Swimsuits swimsuits have one-piece and two-piece and three-point (bikini) variations. The original swimsuit clung to the body, covering most of the body in a three-point swimsuit. At the beginning of the 20th century men's swimwear began to wear shorts without a top. After the end of the first world war, women's leggings became popular in France, and other swimsuits were gradually phased out. Since 1935, women have been wearing two-piece swimsuits with bras and shorts. In 1947, the bikini became popular, leading swimwear to a new direction. Modern swimsuit no matter from colour, design, material a few respects exceed before, formed much colorific, much style, high quality swimsuit new tide.

1956 women's one-piece.

A bathing suit with a wide strap

The picture shows a bathing suit with wide straps that will sink when submerged. Fabric and condole belt are not elastic, the material is wide and tight belt net, blue dress female use conservative dress, red dress female more open, a little distance is not this.

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The most common swimsuit fabrics are divided into the following three types:

1. Dupont lycra swimsuits will have a longer service life than those made of ordinary materials, and are more suitable for one-piece swimsuits.

2, nylon fabric swimsuit belongs to the middle price, of course, compared with dupont lycra surface swimsuit, solidity is not enough, but the flexibility and softness is equal, is now the most commonly used swimsuit fabric.

3, polyester fabric swimsuit elasticity is small, limited, and belongs to low-cost products, generally designed for the two-piece swimsuit, not suitable for one-piece swimsuit.

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(1) spandex content: spandex content of the international standard is about 18%, a better swimsuit, is to achieve 18% spandex content.

(2) elasticity: a good swimsuit should be pulled very tight, of course, the greater the elasticity is not the better, but better rebound recovery, repeated stretch can return to the original is good. Good hand feel is also needed, we can compare a FEW, YINGFA and other professional swimsuits and mall haosha, ZOKE and other swimsuits feel, pay attention to the swimsuit is not the more expensive the better.

(3) design and color: the design of swimsuit, design and color also is everybody indispensable choice, this basically sees your individual be fond of.

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Folding quality selection

When swimsuit is bought, usable hand is touched, or the composition content table of reference material, see material how. Good swimsuit fabrics is soft, have flexibility, the grain of cloth is relatively denser, cut delicate, tailor USES the line that has flexibility, won't because motion causes the line to take off. Fitting and comfort are the principles when trying on the body. Too much water is easy to hold, which will increase the body burden and the resistance when swimming.

1. Fabric and structure. Had better choose spandex content the elastic fabric of 15% above, such swimsuit can follow body motion and freely telescopic; Swimming in the swimming pool, we should pay attention to the suitability of the fabric to the chlorine content of the water in the swimming pool. Because this fabric is more hollow, easy to maintain body temperature. As little as possible buy or do not buy imitation of the so-called "imported spandex high elastic fabrics." One is the clothing fabric spandex content generally in 15%-20%, the other is the imitation of the fabric due to the variation of the composition, after the water rebound poor.

2. Workmanship and safety. Because swimsuit belongs to athletic practical dress, stretch force is stronger, had better not choose the design with more joining together. When the amount of exercise is large, it is easy to open the line from the stitching. In the sewing seam, three needle five thread stitch is basic, three needle six thread is the strongest. The stretch of the thread should be consistent with the stretch of the fabric. Beach outfit series had better choose to have draw plait line, such already beautiful, stretch of bounce also stronger.

3, sanitation, silk cover cotton swimsuit surface with chemical fiber fabric bright, bright advantages, the inner layer with pure cotton weaving, no irritation to the skin, especially suitable for skin allergy to wear. The swimsuit crotch should have lining cloth, the swimsuit that has lining some longer life. Wash and dry before using.

4, safety, to natural river, seaside and deep water swimming, want to choose the swimsuit with bigger contrast with the color of water, encounter dangerous situation, the target is more apparent, facilitate first aid.

Size and skin color. The chest is too big, suitable for the wide shoulder belt v-neck swimsuit; Avoid strapless swimsuits if chest size is too small; A swimsuit with a flat, pleated chest; Hip circumference is too big person might as well choose ultrashort swimsuit; The waist is thick, lacks the moving curve person, the assembly type swimsuit may make up the flaw, after wears the effect is very good; Leg shape is thick and short, should choose leg ministry to cut tall, bottom shows the design of acute Angle model; Long and too fine leg lacks symmetrical feeling, flat leg pants swimsuit should belong to first selection.

Folding body shopping

Thin weak model woman, want to emphasize the line of the body with bright color, avoid by all means wears brunet swimsuit, had better wear the swimsuit of design figure all over the body, make the line of vision of the person is attracted by those design place, won't notice flat figure easily, still answer to avoid to choose the swimsuit that does not have shoulder belt on design.

Fat model woman, won't because wear tight swimsuit and appear slender, contrary, too tight can show the defect on bodily form. Young and fat woman can choose the colourful swimsuit of vertical stripe, in order to show strong and handsome with green vigor, avoid by all means on design 3 o 'clock type, choose "show back to install" swimsuit is more appropriate.

The swimsuit of schoolgirl should colour and lustre is bright-coloured and dazzing, show the strong and handsome of the girl and lively. The bosom is smaller, appropriate wears the swimsuit that has horizontal line design or drape, the swimsuit that the person with thicker legs chooses leg edge to have black frame design, can make double leg produces slender feeling.

The bosom is bigger person can choose to have twill design or have the swimsuit of big flower printing design, all can remove the attention from on the bosom, in order to achieve conceal the effect. Because abdomen uplift figure shows pear when, can choose 3 color swimsuit, the color on the waist crosses collocation, the abdomen that waist is brunet but conceal uplift below.

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To love beautiful woman, choose the swimsuit that suits oneself bodily form, individual character,



Is very important. The following Suggestions are for reference only.

(1) the one-piece: the one-piece is the safest, most classic swimsuit look, and a great choice for shy women.

(2) the flat-foot swimsuit: for women who don't want to be seen, the one-foot swimsuit is more conservative, but it has the disadvantage of making legs look short, so choose carefully. They are also suitable for people with smaller thighs.

(3) tall waist type swimsuit: the lady of small abdomen small dash forward, appropriate chooses tall waist type swimsuit, had better match twill, can achieve to carry waist effect thereby, also can take this to divert attention, achieve the effect that decorate.

(4) skirt swing swimsuit: for ladies with flat hips, skirt swing swimsuit is very appropriate, which can not only beautify the lines of the hips visually, but also show the beauty of the legs.

(5) two-piece swimsuit: it is the choice of fashionable ladies, ladies with a good figure can choose.

(6) a one-piece with a large v-neck: if you have a large chest and a large waist and hips, you can choose a one-piece with a large v-neck, but the design should not be too fancy, or it will affect the effect.

(7) bikini swimsuit: everybody thinks bikini is the patent of good figure woman all the time, although you do not have better figure actually, want to choose proper bikini only, also can clever conceal the defect of figure respect, let you show attractive glamour. (pay special attention to style and color)

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Choose swimsuit the mainest is swimsuit and figure should how to match?

A model figure: the bosom is not quite plump it is the trouble of A lot of Oriental women, the female with small and flat bosom, want to make the bosom looks fuller, must choose the swimsuit design that A few bosom have plait, because have the plait grain of stereo feeling, can make the bosom looks more rounded. Want the effect to be more apparent, can choose the swimsuit with the bright-coloured color such as peachblossom, yellow again, foil below the color of skin that is fair-skinned, can make line more outstanding.

Key: bosom contains radian line, "V" form cent line, add half cup shape or the bosom cushion with bikini special before the bosom, choose irregular big beautiful design, color is given priority to with bright color, can cloak the cushion edge that protrudes. Avoid bathing suits that are too simple and monochromatic.

Shape B: a narrow waist and wide hips are the most typical body shape of an Oriental girl. To correct this body shape, you can try the skirt swimsuit and the split swimsuit, both of which can get different effects. The hemline of the swimsuit can serve as a covering, but it should be noted that hemline width, too tight can only have the opposite effect. The split in the middle weakens the contrast between the waist and the crotch, highlighting the narrow waist and reducing the focus on the wide crotch. If coxal plump, should choose flat foot type or the swimsuit of short skirt type, upper part deserves to go up more exaggerated design, can cloak corpulent coxal effectively. Because exaggerated design has the effect of shift line of sight, and knickers or short skirt can cloak plump coxal effectively, develop the effect that gives decorate.

Key: the skirt that becomes warped slightly places, flat horn pants. Also can be added in swimsuit a scarf, this helps cover the defect with hip big reach thick leg.

3. H-shaped body: the body is already flat, and then put on a simple swimsuit will be more "noodle soup". Add layers of beauty to your body by designing unique swimsuits that can make you mysterious and sexy. Bikini is a good choice, it can highlight the lines of the United States, waist and legs look more slender. But color respect should give priority to with plain coloured, avoid to choose the design with bright-coloured color and exaggerated design as far as possible. Although of course this kind grabs an eye the design can make the figure appears fuller, but fail to make the figure appears slender.

Key points: the use of transparent materials, layers of skin design.

4. The upper body is too narrow: choose the style that can highlight the clavicle and the waist.

Key points: choose halter-neck, neck or single waist, or low-cut, bare-shouldered style, which will make both sides wider.

5. Thicker body shape: for the lady with thicker waist and less lines, no matter what style of swimsuit you wear, you only need to know the match of colors, and you can get the effect of collecting thin waist lines. The swimsuit of a fluctuation body different color or design, it is the best match, can highlight the outline of the waist effectively, make the curve more exquisite. Also optional wear 3 dot type or two head, shift visual focal point to fluctuation position, the waist looks as if a bit thinner because of this. For women with legs as strong as a player's, try wearing a bathing suit cut in high vents. Although can show double leg completely so come out, but can make double leg appear on the vision instead longer, make the line becomes more aesthetic feeling, or wear the design that both sides of pants side is fine belt bind a rope, this also can make double leg looks longer.

Key: wear monochromatic department less a head swimsuit, the waist has design yi ke to scatter line of sight. Avoid flat feet or shorts, legs will appear shorter.

6. Busty figure: breast enhancement should be accompanied by a one-piece swimsuit. For busty women, wearing a swimsuit will always feel uncomfortable, and they are often afraid to go naked. Might as well consider the design of a head, can stretch the line of paragraph already, can reduce the opportunity of go out more.

Key: transverse design can make plump on the circumference appears more flat, both cooperate, can make line more show even nature.

7 note: white taboo - white swimsuit is often a female taboo, because the relationship between the light color, plus the cloth is not thick enough, the water will have perspective of the embarrassing situation, so when buying to pay attention to:

Choose a thick texture, can pull a pull, test the thickness of the cloth;

Avoid latex stickers, which can be seen if the suit is too thin.

Can add flesh color inside garment, avoid the awkwardness of clairvoyant.

However, the white swimsuit is often divided into two layers of fabric materials, not water cool enough.

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When you put on your bathing suit

Avoid sitting on rough objects.

2. Avoid sun cream and sunscreen on your bathing suit.

After swimming

1. Wash the salt powder, sand, chloride, sun cream, sunscreen lotion and other corrosive substances on the swimsuit with clean water. Because these substances will make swimsuit fiber damage, color dark, elastic;

2. Do not wring dry, roll in the dry towel and absorb excessive moisture.

After go home

1. Wash with lukewarm water immediately and use mild detergent instead of washing machine and bleach.

2. Rinse thoroughly;

3. Do not twist the swimsuit by hand, put it flat on the dry towel, and then rise up with the towel, let the towel absorb the water on the swimsuit, do not put the wet swimsuit curled;

4 dry, do not use the dryer or iron;

5. Dry and store in a cool place.

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Swimming trunks are not to be worn "inside"

Many young people will swim pants when underwear wear, graph is swim pants tight, have flexibility, actually this kind will swim pants when underwear is worn is very unscientific, swim pants is tight, do not breathe freely, can make pudendal ministry perspire much, exhaust breathable is bad, damp damp can make disease source microorganism is numerous breed. Especially in summer, not only uncomfortable wearing, but also easy to give birth to prickly heat, the generation of a variety of diseases such as tinea, it is very painful.