Do you know the origin of bikini?

- Apr 15, 2019-

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Bikini is a swimsuit that is normally worn by women in swimming. The words Bikini are also known as the "three-point swimsuit".

The swimsuit is arguably the most visually striking garment in the history of clothing, with the strapless corset and briefs at the back nothing less than the atomic bomb. It wasn't until the 1950s that this sculptural style of clothing was accepted. Today, it is the pronoun of tender and natural body curve.

Eighteen days after the bomb exploded on the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean on June 30, 1946, a Frenchman named Louis Reard introduced a Bikini top and Bikini briefs. That day he hired a call girl to model his work in a public pool. A week later, the bikini was all the rage in Europe!

The bikini atoll, located in north latitude 35 ° 11 ', longitude 165 ° 25 ', is a barrier reef of the Marshall islands. The United States carried out more than 60 atomic and hydrogen bomb explosions in the Marshall islands from 1946 to 1958, the largest of which was on the small island. The inventors, meanwhile, thought the impact was akin to a nuclear explosion, so they named it the bikini atoll test.

Before 1946, it was just a place-the name of the small island that President Truman approved for a nuclear test. In the first half of that year, women only dared to wear standing collar, flat feet tightly wrapped body "swimsuit" to the beach swimming, the beach scene is black.

Until then, swimsuits were conservative, covering most of the body. Mr. Reardel's design reveals most of his midsection. Many professional fashion models in Paris were afraid of the swimsuit because they were almost naked in it. However, one stripper, michal bonadini, defied conventional wisdom by donning a bikini for reporters to photograph alongside a swimming pool and wearing another bikini on top of a plastic model.

As a matter of fact, the swimsuit named "bikini" really shocked the whole world. The Mediterranean saw it as a plague, Italy banned it, the Spanish coast guard deported bikini-wearers and even the United States caught people for their bikinis.

Australian designer Paula stafford caused a stir when she introduced the bikini to Australia in 1952. John moffat, the beach ranger, immediately grabbed a model in a Paula's short swimsuit." It's too short!" He screamed as he escorted the model off the beach. Paula was undeterred. She dressed five other girls in bikinis, alerted the local newspaper and invited the mayor, a priest and the police chief to the scene. Nothing happened, but she achieved amazing publicity.

At the time, the bikini was only popular in Europe and did not reach the United States until 15 years later. When Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood's most famous stars, appeared in various fashion magazines in motion pictures and art photos of her in a bikini, people began to take notice of the sexy swimsuit for the first time. In the following decades of the 20th century, brigitte bardot's the girl in the bikini was released in France. A song by Brian hyland, "tiny yellow polka dot bikini," made the bikini a household name. British women spend about 45 million pounds a year on bikinis, and France accounts for about half of the bikini market.

In 1964, Rudy's Topless suit opened fire on the bastion of public ethics. Ms. Cole introduced a bathing suit with nets covering the front and waist. Then came the structured swimsuits of the '70s and' 80s. These swimsuits cover almost nothing except their bottoms. Topless swimming and nude swimming began to appear, although this form of swimming is still in the minority.

In 1992, Cole developed the TopSecret bikini, based on popular predictions that "breast enlargement is coming back." 1995, enter fashionable dress bound as high-tech material, bikini makes the design object that numerous international fashionable dress designs great masters to love again, with high-tech material deserve to go up to restore ancient ways design the bikini that reappears 50 time figure, compose has the bikini of rhinestone, bind type bikini to wait for come out in succession. There are also bikinis and topless dresses with belts instead of cloth wrapped around the body at three points

The development of swimsuit is closely related to people's concept change and social culture. No matter what kind of "treatment" it received at the beginning, swimsuit has become an irreplaceable part of the clothing industry.