Do you still need these in your bathing suit?

- Feb 22, 2019-

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You don't need to wear underwear when you wear a swimsuit, because the swimsuits have their own chest pads, which won't make you feel sloppy and rest assured. The problem to be considered is because it is the most important thing to prevent the spring from leaking out.

Do you wear a chest with a swimsuit?

Can be worn or not. Most of the swimsuits do not have a gathering function, and wearing a chest sticker can be more beautiful. The younger sister of the chest can still choose the silicone nipple that is gathered in front of the buckle. As long as the suit of the swimsuit is fitted, it will not fall.

Do you wear underwear for your swimsuit?

Swimwear is generally made of DuPont Lycra, nylon or polyester fabric. It does not sag and does not swell when it meets water. It is thick, quite, and impervious. It has good elasticity, softness and solidity. Choosing the right, fit swimsuit will fully demonstrate the feminine body and there is no need to wear underwear. On the contrary, if you wear underwear in the swimsuit, because the shape of the swimsuit and underwear are different, the underwear will be exposed to the outside, but it will be more noticeable and steep. In addition, the underwear is relatively thin, transparent and close to the body. Unlike the swimsuit, the wet underwear is very uncomfortable to wear in the swimsuit, and may even be harmful to health.