Dress collocation

- Feb 28, 2019-

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Bikini swimsuits are a favorite of bodybuilding women. You can wear a swim in the sea, or use it as a clothing accessory to match the exterior. Bikini has fewer fabrics and more exposed parts. Not everyone has a flat stomach, strong arms and slender legs, but even if you don't have a devil-like figure, just choose a bikini that suits your body, and you can subtly cover your shortcomings and make you confident. charm. Here are 4 different bikini designs:

Sporty bikini

This type of bikini abandoned the bikini-style bust top and changed to a vest. In addition to slightly reducing the exposure, it also allows the wearer to reveal a sexy side in the healthy image.

Wearing a sporty bikini, a woman with a "flat chest" may be afraid that others' eyes will be concentrated on the chest. If you choose a bright-colored top with a large floral pattern, you can visually make your chest fuller. As for the full-bodied, you should choose straight and dark sports bikinis, in addition to making the body look slimmer, but also transfer other people's attention. More popular bikini patterns, animals and plants are still an important theme of swimwear: designers use the popular silver-gray to create a fish-scale fabric that turns you into a mermaid that blends into a landscape of green mountains and green waters. Or, on the "square of the square", you can see the bikini as the most beautiful ocean by painting the watery grass and the small fish with bubbles.

Tubular bikini

The tubular bikini (Bandeaubikini) is a fashionable swimsuit variant of the tube top (Bubetop).

Tubular bikinis can be divided into two types: slings and slings. If you are petite, choose a bikini without a sling to transfer your eyes to your sexy shoulders. However, a strapless bikini may make you feel insecure, with two shoulder straps missing, a bikini bra that is easy to shift, and adjusting the bra in the pool can be awkward. It is recommended that you wear a strapless bikini when you are sunbathing, so that you will not have eye-catching shoulder straps after sunbathing. If you plan to swim seven or eight laps in the pool, it is best to choose a "safe" bikini. For those with wider shoulders, you can choose a tubular bikini with a sling, which not only hides the shortcomings of the shoulder width, but also looks tangible. At the same time, the trend of the swimsuit is mainly based on smooth and shiny fabrics. A variety of crystal light colors, such as silver ash and pearl color, have become the protagonists of swimwear. Details such as bright sequins and one-shoulder styles are also popular from fashion to swimwear. The flat-bottomed tubular bikini is also the first choice for conservatives, giving you a free and easy side.

Strap bikini

Bright colors, sexy sorghum design, sling style is the most classic bikini design. Putting on it is enough to make men fascinated and envy women.

The sling bikini has the least amount of fabric and the most exposed parts, so if you don't have the exquisite figure and slender legs, it's best to stay away. The most popular sling bikinis are now adorned with water crystals. These bikinis have a shimmering effect, adding a touch of brilliance to the original monotonous bikini. In addition, some new swimsuits are also printed with gold powder.