General type of sports bra

- Oct 22, 2019-

1. Easy to fix.

With a layer of elastic mesh bra, the structure is simple, there is basically no design for the human body structure, the appearance is similar to small and cute, rarely exist in an independent form, most of them are in the form of sports vests, slings, etc. coexist.

2. Pressure fixed.

The most widely used type of bra is also the type that most sports bras use. It also relies mainly on the elasticity of the fabric to form a pressure on the chest to achieve a fixed purpose. Different from type 1, it will take into account the shape of the breast, the structure, the force on the shoulder, the back force and other factors (simply called ergonomics), so that it can be well fixed. Still maintain relative comfort (it is estimated that the same fixed effect can be achieved with type 1).

Generally, it is divided into a conventional type according to the difference of the shoulder strap (Scoop-back): the appearance is similar to that of a normal bra. Medium-fixed, suitable for low-impact and moderate-impact movements of the A-C cup's mm.

Hurdle-back type (Racer-back - can't think of a better translation, more intuitive, so do it first). The appearance is similar to the upper part of the hurdle vest, and the fixation is better than the former. Depending on the material and structure, it is basically able to cope with all types of A-D mm movement.

3. Composite structure.

The most fixed style, in addition to the structure of type 2, there are usually special steel support (the above two are non-steel support - steel support is not necessarily a metal material), or better support Support, the fabric is stronger. It can provide good fixing and protection for medium and high impact motion for mm of D and D+.