How are workout leggings supposed to fit?

- Dec 04, 2018-

Lady Quality Sex Mesh Leggings

Sports tights are generally worn during long-term endurance sports. The main purpose is to improve athletic performance and promote recovery after exercise. In addition, there are stable muscles to prevent thigh friction, promote perspiration or heat preservation, sun protection, prevent venous thrombosis of lower limbs during long journeys, and sing.

Prostitutes, unless you are good enough, you can exercise short vests + workout leggings , but even if you are good, you should stay a little longer. Our theme is elegant and bright.

A fat girl, yoga pants  try to choose a solid color pattern, you must choose a high waist! The proportion of the lower body is stretched, and the upper body is matched with a short loose model. Choose dark + light color on the color, focus on the light with light color, simply say where your advantage is, choose to zoom in.

B is a thin girl, athletic leggings you can choose to expose the collarbone, legs, etc., to avoid black pants, the more through thin.