How comfortable is a sports bra?

- Jan 18, 2019-

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A good sports experience starts with choosing the right size. In the past, the actual experience of buying and wearing sports underwear made many women dissatisfied, and was always troubled by various problems such as chest compression, breast milk, insufficient shockproofness, and displacement.

If this is the case, you should probably check if the size you choose is appropriate.


First of all, you must first determine your upper bust, lower bust and cup type. The method of testing the upper bust is: the upper body is tilted forward 45 degrees, the soft ruler bypasses the milk point for one week, and the upper bust size is obtained; the test method of the lower bust is : The body is upright, the soft ruler is close to the root of the milk, and the chest circumference is horizontally wrapped around the chest for one week. The chest shape of the cup is equal to the size of the upper bust minus the size of the lower bust. Refer to the detailed sports bra size comparison table below.


But knowing how to determine the size of the best sports bra  is just one of the important factors in choosing the right bra. What's more important is that the girls need to try it on their own. No matter what style of sports underwear you choose, the cup must wrap the entire breast, no breast milk appears.


Best sports bra  To determine if the band is suitable, a common method is to put a finger under the band between the double bra cups and then pull it hard. If the band cannot be pulled beyond the body by 2.5 cm, it is a qualified size. For the beauty and health of the breasts, girls must pay attention to the choice of sports bras.