How did the bathing suit come about?

- Apr 29, 2019-

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Until the advent of bathing suits in the late 19th century, European women swam in rivers completely naked. At that time, many people wrote to The Times of London, lashing out at this kind of naked swimming as indecent, so the swimsuit was first introduced in Britain.

The bikini tridot, however, was made of very little material after world war ii. In 1907, Australian athlete Annette kellerman was charged with public obscenity for wearing a one-piece bathing suit with bare shoulders and arms on a Boston beach. At that time, the accepted swimwear was a short-sleeved upper body, lower body to the knee and with stockings. During world war ii, swimsuit materials began to shrink due to the prevalence of tanning creams among U.S. soldiers and the global tanning fever that followed. Bold designers have kept the materials for women's swimwear to a minimum, creating bizarre swimsuits. When the first bikini three-point swimsuit came out, it was sensational news, because it exposed too much skin, which led to a lot of people's opposition, but it gradually became accepted and accepted. Today this kind of swimsuit is popular not only in Europe and America, but also in China. There are thousands of different nationalities in the world, which makes for a great variety of clothes. However, swimsuit is a special case. It is international and has strong commonality. As a kind of clothing, the swimsuit becomes more and more simple, and the exposed body parts are more and more. In the history of swimsuit development, the conflicts between moral rules and sexual consciousness and the social changes take place constantly. The swimsuit is a gauge of sexual values and social morality. Talk about swimsuit, basically see the development of woman swimsuit, because man swimsuit is a knickers nevertheless, besides qualitative on evolution, appearance does not have how much substantial change.

In 1903, in France, people played on the beach, and many people went to the sea in their everyday clothes, and they didn't prepare swimsuits. Swimsuits became a kind of special clothing in the early 20th century, after 1900. At that time, the prototype swimsuit was just a skirt, not much different from daily life skirt. In fact, when public is in public bath field at that time paddle, do not prepare special swimsuit mostly, swimsuit is the exclusive of rich person. Specialized swimwear appeared in 1909 or so, both the suit - style swimsuit. In the early 1910s, the swimsuit with one-piece shorts appeared and became the real swimsuit.

To 20 centuries 30 time, appeared the swimsuit of two pieces that do not join a body, this is a leap of swimsuit change, also be the prelude that bikini swimsuit appears.

More than 40 years ago, an experiment began on a tiny Pacific island called the bikini. Then, in Paris, France, a daring swimsuit designer came up with a new kind of swimsuit. The suit is made of so little material that it is said to fold into a matchbox. The launch of this kind of swimsuit shocked the garment industry at that time. Because of its small coverage area, almost naked after wearing, so that many professional fashion models in Paris at that time are daunting. But one dancer defied convention by donning the swimsuit for the first time and asking reporters to take pictures.

Because this swimsuit is right, the shake of the world is no less than the experiment that bikini island undertakes, reason is called "bikini", a swimsuit is hanged unexpectedly with a small island hook, really another person takes case to claim strange!