How do you choose swimming trunks?

- Apr 22, 2019-

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Think you can just wear your old swimming trunks? Think everyone's swimming in the pool anyway, and nobody CARES if your swim pants look good? Then you're making a big mistake. At the beach, by the pool, with no clothes on, and no one to match, a pair of swimming trunks is the key. Here are four things you can do to make sure your current swimming trunks pass the test, or you might want to consider buying a new pair.

Where short? Above or above the knee?

There is also a middle ground when it comes to deciding between short and long swim trunks. For example, the average height of Chinese people is 170-172cm. The bottom of swimming trunks should be about 17cm above the knee, which is about the middle position between the knee and hip. Don't underestimate this little distance. Of course, the calculation of the length of the need to control the cutting, too wide version will affect your proportion.

Is the fabric different?

Usually fabrics are nylon and polyster (some are polyster blends, like lycra and other elastic fabrics). The idiosyncrasy of Nylon is relatively light and close-knit, but use period is shorter (say short also have a few years at least actually, unless you are living everyday in seaside, wearing swimsuit everyday); The Polyster maintains its shape easily, can be treated in a washing machine, and resists the chemical stimulation of chlorine commonly used in swimming pools.

Can I wear wave shorts as swimming trunks?

I certainly can't stop you from swimming in your surf shorts, just as I can't stop you from swimming in your underwear (but the lifeguard should). Why can't we wear formal swimming trunks when we want to be dressy? Formal swim pants are shorter than wave pants, which are designed with a higher waist. You can also opt for briefs or close-fitting shorts with flat feet. If you're not competing in a swimming competition, we don't recommend these styles. What's more, some people often wear swimming trunks to the gym for the convenience of going on holiday, and then go swimming. We do not strongly recommend it. How can we possibly mix up sweatpants and swim trunks when we're trying to be a little more professional and separate the two? Unless you want to take a shower while you're swimming.

Pattern or solid color?

There is no absolute answer to this question. It depends on what you are wearing. Yes, I said you can't wear clothes on your upper body, but when you get out of the water, you have to wear clothes when you leave the beach. Actually, good swimming trunks can also be worn on the street, such as having dinner in the seaside restaurant. Our advice is to start with solid colors, such as navy and dark green, which are easy to handle. Then try floral patterns and more colorful styles. It doesn't really matter where you choose your style, but if you're on a business trip, to avoid getting your suits and shirts wet, buy brands that come with small bags to keep your soggy swim trunks.