How does the bosom small wear bikini?

- Jan 10, 2019-

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Whoever says that the chest is small can't wear a bikini. Today, Xiaobian sums up several ways to make a small chest and a bikini to become a big breast.

When choosing a swimsuits , first consider whether it is right for you or tell your salesperson about your requirements and let them help you choose the bikini that suits you.

In choosing a swimwear , it is best to choose a size that is 3/4 less than the usual size, so that you can spread the meat on both sides of your chest and make it look fuller.

If neither of the above methods can meet your needs, you can increase the thickness of the bikini by evenly sewing the underside of the bikini, so that the bikini looks bigger and the internal capacity is smaller, making the chest shape more good looking.

There is also a simpler way to wear two bras and a hidden silicone bra in the bikini. This method should pay attention to the choice of the two bra models. Generally, the bikini is bigger than the invisible silicone bra.

When buying a bikini, it is better to choose a sling. The sling can help lift the chest and have the effect of modifying the neck to divert attention. The tube top is chosen to have a decorative lace on the tube top.

In addition to the use of foreign objects, you can also increase the content of the chest by injecting physiological saline into the chest. However, this method is not recommended.