How many kinds of swimsuits are there?

- Apr 18, 2019-

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Professional competitive swimsuit is usually single in design and color, and the style is mainly composed of one-piece vest, simple and lively.

No frills. On colour, it is much with pure color and chunk spell color, what see more on the market is dark blue, black and white to wait. Its design is mainly reflected in the function and the fabric. The fabric is made of highly elastic lycra spandex and polyvinegar compound, which is more tight and elastic than the ordinary swimsuit. Coupled with the simplicity of the style, it can reduce the resistance in swimming and improve the speed of the competition. Internationally famous sportswear brands have launched professional competitive swimsuits, which have high quality and high price.

Casual swimsuit, also known as beach suit. The swimsuit of recreational use, have conjoined one-piece outfit, fission two outfit, still have the long skirt that beach adornment USES with swimsuit collocation. Recreational the swimsuit that USES on the one hand is used in swimming, also show the female graceful figure at the same time, the effect that gets popular fashionable dress apparently on design, colour, design, every year every season has new design and color, new breed to roll out, make a person too busy to take things in.

When women wear two kinds of clothes, they are most likely to attract the attention of the opposite sex. One is evening wear, and the other is swimsuit. Indeed, these two kinds of dress are the delegate that can show feminine beauty most -- evening outfit foils a female luxuriant and enchanting one side, and swimsuit draws the outline of a female

Fresh and strong look. There are three types of popular swimsuits:

1. The two pieces of type

Two type the suit that points to jacket and pants apart, have bikini type and general two head type, bikini type calls 3 dot type again, its characteristic is to use makings very little. There is no denying that the three-point swimsuit is the most eye-catching, if you have a proud figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimsuit can be the first choice.

2. A type

A one-piece swimsuit has straps and tubes, as well as chinese-style collars. The waist-like strap-on swimsuit is very traditional and is the style most people choose. Actually although the swimsuit of shoulder belt type is common, but through the change of shoulder belt, still can find a bit more special, be like before a few years abroad had popular one shoulder a head. The swimsuit of the bosom that opens deeply additionally and twine style, it is best to go up narrow the bodily form with wide bottom is decorated. And, add a distinctive modification on bust line, can make bodily form more hasten perfect.

3. The drum

Canister type swimsuit appears relatively chic, its garment body shows canister shape, add condole belt, some condole belt can tear open. The suit reduces the transparency of the bust and hips, and a high-cut hem lengthens the legs.