How to buy a swimsuit?

- Nov 11, 2019-

Quality purchase

When purchasing a swimsuit, you can touch it with your hand, or refer to the ingredient content table of the material to see how the material is. The good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic. The texture of the fabric is relatively dense, and the cutting is exquisite. The sewing is made of elastic lines, and the line is not broken due to the movement. When trying on, the principle of fit and comfort is too easy to take water, which increases the burden on the body and the resistance during swimming. If it is too small, it will easily cause a trace to the limbs, causing poor blood flow.

1.Fabric and structure. It is best to use elastic fabric with a spandex content of 15% or more, so that the swimwear can flexibly move with the body movement; swimming in the swimming pool, pay attention to the adaptability of the fabric to the chlorine content of the water in the swimming pool, and the most popular three-dimensional elastic force in the world. Swimsuits made of fabric are best suited for use in low temperature water or swimming. Because this fabric is more hollow, it is easy to maintain body temperature. Try to buy less or not to buy the so-called "imported spandex high elastic fabric". First, the spandex content of apparel fabrics is generally around 15%-20%. Second, the imitation fabrics have very poor resilience due to compositional variation.

2.Work and safety. Since the swimwear is a sporty and practical garment with a strong stretching force, it is best not to choose a style with more stitching. When the amount of exercise is large, it is easy to open the line from the splicing. At the seam of the seam, the three-needle and five-wire stitches are basic, and the three-needle and six-wire stitches are the strongest. The elasticity of the wire should be consistent with the stretch of the fabric. The beachwear collection is best equipped with shirring lines, which are both aesthetically pleasing and stretchable.

3.In terms of hygiene, the surface of silk-covered cotton swimwear has the advantages of smooth and bright chemical fiber fabric, and the inner layer is woven with pure cotton, which is non-irritating to the skin, especially suitable for those who are allergic to skin. Swimsuits should have an interlining, and swimwear with a lined life will last longer. Wash it and use it again.

4.Safety, to the natural river, the seashore and deep water swimming, you should choose a swimsuit with a large contrast of water color, encounter dangerous conditions, the target is more obvious, easy to first aid.

5.Body and skin color. Excessive chest, suitable for wide shoulder strap V-neck swimwear; chest circumference too small to avoid shoulder strap swimwear; chest flat suitable for chest with decorative pleated swimwear; hips too large may wish to choose ultra-short swimwear; waist thick In the absence of moving curves, the assembled swimwear can make up for the defects, and the effect is very good after wearing; the leg shape is short and short, the leg is cut high, the lower part is of the acute angle type; the long and thin legs lack the sense of uniformity, the flat pants Swimwear is the first choice.

Body purchase

Thin women, to emphasize the body's lines with vivid colors, avoid wearing dark swimsuits, it is best to wear a swimsuit with a pattern on the whole body, so that people's sights are attracted by those patterns, and they will not easily notice the flat body. In the style, you should also avoid choosing a swimwear without straps.

Obese women don't look slim because they wear tight-fitting swimwear. On the contrary, being too tight will reveal shortcomings in body shape. Young and obese women can choose vertical stripes of colorful swimwear to show bodybuilding and youthful vitality. The style should not be three-point style. It is more appropriate to choose the "backless" swimsuit.

The swimsuits of girls in primary and secondary schools should be bright and colorful, showing the girl's bodybuilding and liveliness. For those with smaller chests, it is advisable to wear swimsuits with horizontal lines or pleats. Those with thicker legs should choose a swimsuit with a black frame on the sides of the legs to make the legs feel slender.

Those with larger chests can choose to have a twill pattern or a swimsuit with a large print pattern, which can remove people's attention from the upper chest to achieve the effect of disguising. When the abdomen is raised in a pear shape, you can choose a three-color swimsuit, the color on the waist is cross-matched, and the lower part of the waist is dark to cover the raised abdomen.