How to choose a bathing suit?

- Apr 28, 2019-

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The swimwear must fit. If it is too big, it is easy to swim in the water, so as to increase the body weight and resistance, affecting the swimming action. Accordingly swimsuit should feel comfortable with wear on the body appropriate. As to quality, in old people should choose pure wool or interlock wool product, with brunet advisable. Young people can choose the nylon swimsuit of beach type, the color is had better with bright-coloured, can add aesthetic feeling so.

The swimsuit with multifarious design whether let you seek beautiful eye, should choose the swimsuit that suits most according to his figure. When choosing swimsuits, we need to pay attention to the fabric, workmanship and style:

1. Fabric and structure

Had better choose spandex content the elastic fabric of 15% above, such swimsuit can follow body motion and freely telescopic; Swimming in the swimming pool, we should pay attention to the suitability of the fabric to the chlorine content of the water in the swimming pool. Because this fabric is more hollow, easy to maintain body temperature. As little as possible to buy or do not buy imitation of the so-called "imported spandex high elastic fabrics." It is content of spandex of dress fabrics is in commonly 15% - 20% left and right side, 2 it is the fabric of imitative because of composition mutation, the rebound after launching is very poor. Additional, reach natural river, seaside and deep water swim, want to choose the swimsuit with bigger contrast with the color of water, encounter dangerous situation, the target is more apparent, facilitate first aid.

2. Workmanship and safety

Because swimsuit belongs to athletic practical dress, stretch force is stronger, had better not choose the design with more joining together. When the amount of exercise is large, it is easy to open the line from the stitching. In the sewing seam, three needle five thread stitch is basic, three needle six thread is the strongest. The stretch of the thread should be consistent with the stretch of the fabric. Beach outfit series had better choose to have draw plait line, such already beautiful, stretch of bounce also stronger.

3. Sanitation

Silk cover cotton swimsuit surface layer has the advantage of chemical fiber fabric bright and clean, bright-coloured, inner layer is woven with pure cotton, without stimulation to the skin, especially suitable for people with skin allergy. The swimsuit crotch should have lining cloth, the swimsuit that has lining some longer life.

4. Style selection

Nowadays, each swimsuit brand changes swimsuit fashionable dress in succession, in order to satisfy the need of wearing configuration. The swimsuit of new design, will athletic function is listed as minor consideration, it is main purpose to show amorous feelings. Now swimsuit has the fittings of same design and color not only, and still have the combination such as long knickers of chiffon cover gauze, salon, can change a much money amorous feelings, let swimsuit can be worn like fashionable dress sex appeal.