How to choose a men's swimsuit?

- Dec 17, 2018-

Men's UPF 50 Swim Top.jpg

It is generally believed that men's Swimming T-Shirt styles are very simple. Just choose a color that he likes. In fact, buying a swimwear for boys is also a matter of careful selection. What should men pay attention to when choosing swimming trunks? Take a look at your own experience.

People with darker skin - avoid wearing brown or yellow swim shirts trunks to avoid looking dirty.

The person with wide hips - dark four-legged pants.

A person with a long upper body and a shorter lower body - suitable for high-waisted swimming trunks! Try not to wear four-legged swimming trunks, and the legs will look shorter.

Short people - bright striped straight striped swim trunks that can help you "pull" a long figure.

A strong man - basically all kinds of styles are suitable for you, but retro swimming shirts, but there are individual choices.

No matter what style of men's swimwear, when choosing, fit and comfort is the most basic requirement. Plus excellent elasticity allows you to stretch freely in the water; it is best to try on it during the selection process, you must not buy a small one, otherwise Le is tight, not good for the body, swimming is also very dangerous.

In the case that you can't try on it, it is easier to pick a slightly larger one. It is not too tight and too small to wear.