How to choose and buy board shorts for children?

- Nov 23, 2018-

Kids Board Shorts Quick Dry Breathable

Summer is hot, children are always unable to withstand heat, and urgently need to relieve the heat. At this time, parents may take their children to swim. If they swim, they must buy swimming trunks. Regarding the things of your own children, no matter how big or small, parents always have to know something before they buy swim trunks. However, there are so many quick dry shorts  on the market, and the characteristics of each brand are different. In the end, which one should be selected to be the most suitable for children?

1, the right size

When parents choose  quick dry swim shorts  for their children, they should know the size factor of swimming trunks. Although they know, swimming trunks can't be tried on, so you can't know whether swimming trunks fit before you buy them. But swimming trunks are generally very flexible. Parents can use them. Try to test the elasticity of the swimming trunks, about the size, and this is also a way to check the quality of the swimming trunks.

2, good material

The child's skin is still very delicate, the poorly-formed quick dry swim shorts  are very painful to wear on the body, and for swimming, poor quality swimming trunks are also a hindrance. Currently, the preferred material for swimwear on the market is spandex fabric, and spandex. The international standard for silk content is about 18%, and the better swimming trunks should reach 18% spandex content, so parents should pay attention to it when purchasing.

3, simple style

The child's childlike heart is full. When choosing swimming trunks, it is generally biased towards brightly colored swimming trunks with too many decorations. However, if there are too many decorations when swimming, it will have a relatively large resistance to swimming, which is very labor-intensive, so it is recommended. Parents try to give their children a simple style of swimming trunks.

When choosing swimming trunks for children, it is best to choose brightly colored swimming trunks. In case children are mixed into the crowd or are in danger, parents can quickly identify the child with bright colors.

Although children develop faster, they still choose the size of the fit when buying swim trunks. The unsuitable swim trunks are a burden to the children and they are easy to look embarrassing.

Children between the ages of seven and adolescence have a clear sense of gender, and boys should avoid buying too tight swimming trunks.

Before swimming, choose a comfortable and fit swimming trunk for your child. Watching the children wear it and play happily in the pool. Parents will be happy to see such scenes. Therefore, for the sake of children, when buying swim trunks, Taking into account the child's own physical characteristics and preferences, try to consider carefully and let the children have fun.