How to choose sports underwear correctly?

- Feb 20, 2019-

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More and more girls have recently started exercising for better body and lifestyle. Many girls who are just starting to exercise will be confused about sports underwear. They don’t know what to choose, and they don’t know what kind of thing is really suitable for them. Nowadays, there are so many manufacturers of sports underwear, it is really difficult to polish your eyes.

Sports underwear is mainly worn during exercise, so the fabric emphasizes breathable perspiration, can not use too thick and too rough fabric, otherwise it is easy to damage the skin, and may even be due to long-term sweating and other symptoms such as red rash allergy. Breathable mesh design can be used on sports underwear to enhance the breathability. At the same time, the fabric should pay attention to environmental protection and avoid using fabrics containing irritating substances.

For the chest, the right size is the key. Only the right size can effectively hold the chest and produce the best shockproof effect. Especially for high-intensity sports, the size is more careful. Many brands of sports underwear are only roughly using some common sizes, in order to reduce the pressure on production and inventory. But for the real wearer, how can you choose the size that really suits you, either too tight or too loose, not to mention shockproof and protection.

For medium-intensity and low-intensity exercise, the anti-shock performance requirements are not particularly strong, more comfortable and breathable, and the size requirements are not particularly high. At this time, you can use S/M/L code to choose the one that you are comfortable to wear.

Sports underwear is generally divided into high-strength support, medium-strength support and low-strength support, corresponding to high-intensity exercise, medium-intensity and low-intensity exercise. With different strength supports, the structure and fabric used in sports underwear will be different. As the strength of the support increases, the elasticity of the fabric will decrease. Low-intensity sports underwear will be more elastic and unconstrained, while high-intensity sports underwear will require wrapping and fixing, high-strength sports underwear, chest is generally wrapped, shoulder strap and bottom circumference widened to improve support performance, back type design Relieve the chest and feel safe.

Low-intensity sports underwear, there will be more performance on the chest package, which can effectively display the sexy chest. The shoulder straps can be made of thinner straps, which show the beauty of the shoulders, while not restraining the body movements and making the limbs more stretched.

Medium-strength sports underwear, medium-strength sports underwear is between high strength and low strength. The structure is similar to high strength, but it does not have such tight restraint, and the fabric is more elastic.