How to clean the sports underwear?

- Dec 26, 2018-

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Sports bra  underwear Considering the particularity of the material, it is recommended to wear it once or twice. It is best to choose hand wash.

It is best to clean the high impact sports bra  in time to prevent the sweat from remaining and affect the service life of the sports underwear. 2. Use hand wash with warm water, avoid rubbing hard to prevent damage to normal elasticity and cause deformation; if there is sweat after washing, try it. Soak for 15 minutes and then rinse. There is a situation in which the number of times is too much. There are more sweat stains in the residue. It is more stubborn and difficult to clean. Therefore, there is still a smell after washing. In addition, the functionality is reduced after wearing for a long time. It is recommended to change the sports underwear.

1 best sports bra should be cleaned in time to avoid the impact of sweat on the life of the underwear.

2 Hand wash with warm water, and avoid using force to twist to prevent damage to normal elasticity.

3 Avoid mixing with other clothes in the washing machine to prevent cross-infection of bacteria carried by dirty clothes, and also avoid deformation and staining.

4 Clean sports underwear should be stacked neatly, don't smash into a mess. Before changing the wash, it is best to put it in the bag and keep it clean.