How to maintain the swimsuit?

- Nov 13, 2019-

After purchasing a swimsuit, you must learn the correct maintenance method so that it looks glamorous when worn. How to maintain the swimsuit? The specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Regular swimming, chlorine and suntan lotion in the swimming pool will destroy the elasticity of the clothes. To avoid the elasticity of the swimsuit, try not to get sunscreen oil and other oils. You can wear a swimsuit and then apply sunscreen, and take off immediately after swimming. Swimsuit, clean.

2. Swimwear touches the sand, stone, easy to break, so, in the swimming process, try to avoid this situation. In addition, it should be noted that the hot springs do not wear swimwear because they are easily deformed by heat.

3. After the swimsuit is worn, do not put it in the bag has been stuffy, should be cleaned, and then blow dry, then put it in the right place.

4. Wash the swimsuit, first soaked in warm water, add a small amount of cleaning agent, gently scrub with your hands, then wring it out, rinse with water, put it in a cool place to dry, do not wash with hot water, and put it in the sun .

5. Can not use the dryer to dry the swimsuit, because the swimsuit material is weak, repeated drying will destroy the material of the clothes, so that the clothes are deformed.