how to pick swimming costume?

- Nov 22, 2018-

Swim Trunks With Mesh For Men

Mens swim shorts , made of polyester-cotton-dyed plaid fabric, finished with mercerized finishing. The pants are smooth and sleek, delicate and soft, soft and comfortable to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, soft and non-fading, natural fiber suitable for super-goodness; you can wear it when you are at home. Swim shorts , 2013 new fashion quality plaid casual trousers, this casual beach is a casual sports loose version, with a sporty contrast plaid, relaxed and comfortable casual version feel comfortable, when wearing pants, good grooming hip line, with cotton and spandex fabric material, soft and comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent.

Swimming trunks wearing caution notes

First, don't spend too much, so that the beach pants can not show the effect of the white blue flowers that you want;

Second, it must be in sharp contrast with blue, such as red, yellow, or green;

The third and most important point is that the choice of style is very particular. There are two kinds of short-sleeved t-shirts, one is relatively short sleeves, the other is relatively long, and the shorts with beach pants should be short. A little bit.