How to take cute bikini pictures?

- Dec 14, 2018-

Floral Halter Wrap Knotted Back Bikini

Simple summary: framing in nature, moving, making good use of light, paying attention to skin texture, being good at using props, adding some photos suitable for yourself, make your bikini look real and moving~

First, the blend of people and scenes, framing in nature

 1. I love nature more than a high-end hotel, so my bikini photos are almost entirely in nature. I always hope that my photos will give people the feeling of "from nature." So if you like this style too, my suggestion is to avoid too many people when framing, reflecting the feeling that people and nature blend together. This is a photo with a little trick in life~

Second, move, laugh

 Because the swimsuit/bikini is never a fashion item for me, it is the necessary dress for water sports. So I would like to convey this vitality and movement through the photos of the swimwear .


Personal style is very important if you want photos to be appealing. For example, my style is sunny and sporty, and I know that I laughed and looked better in the camera, so I chose to take pictures like this. You can also slowly find out the style that suits you best, but smile in the sunshine and the sea. Always right~

Third, make good use of light


Generally, the tropical islands have a lot of light. Even when it is close to the sunset, the light is enough for ordinary shooting. I especially like to take pictures at sunset. Because the sun is golden, the photos are taken with warm filters for my favorite sunshine movement. style.


And the picture below is a black beach. So when the sun is very oblique, there will be a mirror effect. It is easy to take a picture with a wonderful composition~

Fourth, the skin texture is very important


I personally especially like to look at the bikini models of black models, because their skin is black and shiny, it looks particularly textured, which is also my goal of long-term living on the beach. However, normal human skin generally does not emit light, and even models are mostly cosmetic effects.


We don't need to be so refined, but it's a good choice to apply oil before taking pictures. Recommended coconut oil and jojoba oil can both skin care and increase the texture of the skin in the photo. I personally choose to help the sun oil. The girl who is not afraid of tanning can consider ~ demanding higher choices, as well as the sparkling oil of each brand, suitable for delicate girls~

5. Reasonable use of props.


Because I am a surfer, the surfboard is my must-have item. But in fact, I am playing longboards. Longboards are too big to take pictures on the shore. I can also consider borrowing a friend's short board to force them~ (Looking for a good-looking photo of a bikini without a surfboard!) Probably every time I wear a swimsuit and hold a board, I ran straight down to the sea. I didn’t have time to take a photo with my mobile phone. Hhh put a photo of a wetsuit, or a diving ankle and a mirror is also a good choice (I won’t play diving or hold a dress) Forced hhhh)

Sixth, about taking pictures POSE


Be sure to remember your belly! Abdominal! Abdominal! Chest! Chest! Chest! Not only will it look thin/lined, but the whole person will be lifted up and feel good. This is necessary for me (lazy and relaxing style photos are not applicable). Of course, if you are good/confident I don't need to take a stomach, ignore this one~

Seven, add a little bit!


In fact, there are so many tips to help the photos look good, but the most important thing about bikini photos is the good shape and the positive attitude towards life through photos.


I am actually a person who doesn't like to go to the gym. I don't have a very deliberate body training, but after surfing for two years, the muscles of the whole person have become tighter, and the lines are getting better and better - not happy to be beaten by the years! I hope more and more girls will go into nature and go to feel the charm of the sun and the sea. If you have a good body, the skin color is very attractive!