How to wear leggings?

- Feb 26, 2019-

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Speaking of leggings, whether it is a long coat or a dress, it can also be matched. But even the versatile wild leggings, there are some misunderstandings that can't be touched, Xiaobian brings you several kinds, I hope you have nothing, especially the first one!

1, wearing leggings outside

Actually, there are girls who will wear leggings. If your body is not particularly good, it is not only rustic, but it also does not highlight the leg lines and the rich buttocks. The effect is really unbearable. .

2, leggings + bright color culottes

Leggings with bright skirts or shorts can easily be short, because the shorts will visually capture the visual length of a large leg, so it looks short and fat, and the color is not coordinated, easy to wear out Rustic feeling.

3, leggings + bag hip skirt / leather skirt

It’s hard to wear a high-end feeling when the skirt is tight, especially for girls who are not so good-looking in their legs and buttocks. Choose a skirt that is as loose as possible, like a half-sleeve skirt, lively and cover the flesh, leather skirt, leather pants. The brighter the more you don't fit with the leggings, the more common the feeling.

Finished the misunderstanding of wearing leggings. So, how to wear leggings, will it look good? Is it difficult to make a consistent match? Of course not. Today, Xiaobian will teach you a few tricks to ensure that you can wear it and look good. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!

1, leggings with a beautiful dress

A spring or summer short dress with a matching cotton leggings. Obviously, dresses and leggings should not be a color, but should match. For example, if the skirt has five different colors, you can pick a legging that matches the color and any one of them.

If your skirt is particularly strong, wear a monochrome legging.

The reverse is also true. You can wear a monochrome dress with a patterned leggings and wear a monochrome scarf.

2, leggings with skirt

Choose a nice skirt with your leggings. Make sure the color of the skirt and the fabric and leggings do not collide. If you are wearing a loose dress, wear a tight-fitting top that doesn't look too loose.

If you have a pattern on your skirt, wear plain leggings. If the skirt is very monotonous, it is equipped with leggings with a pattern or a relatively large contrast, so that it does not look like a skirt.

3, leggings with shorts

This body looks both cute and casual. Just wear a regular color leggings and then wear denim, white, or black shorts. Shorts shouldn't be too short, or they will mix with shorts.

A pair of casual shoes can be paired with this body. Flat shoes, booties, sandals, and even sports shoes.

It can be worn with a tight-fitting vest, T-shirt, plus a long jacket or top.

Remember, if you wear leggings and shorts, it has to be more complicated, so either simply wear multiple layers of clothing, or simply use the principle of simplicity, do not wear many layers.

If the trade and boots are simple in color and are all monochrome, you can wear patterned leggings.