Is it good to wear sports underwear for a long time?

- Feb 27, 2019-

Sports Bra High Impact Cross Back.jpg

Long-term wear of sports underwear is not good, it will lead to chest deformation, long-term wear is not conducive to breast health.

high impact sports bra , also known as sports bras, are a category that is classified according to the "specific functions of bras." Therefore, as the name suggests, the sports bra is to prevent female breasts from being hurt in sports and fitness.

For those who are very full-bodied, structural sports underwear that provides more support for the breasts, no doubt he is their first choice. The structural sports bra looks more like a normal bra. Because it can support and protect the women's left and right breasts separately, and can increase the air circulation inside the clothes, it is undoubtedly easier for the bust. Type sports bra for greater protection.

The sport bras makes your chest more comfortable during exercise, reducing the pain or drooping caused by strenuous movements. The side belt is wider, there is no steel ring, and the shoulder strap is also much wider. It looks like a small vest, it can hold your chest tightly, and it is not tidy at the time of exercise, but the disadvantage is that if you bring it every day, Squeezing your chest, it is not good for the blood circulation of the chest. So don't wear a sports bra all day long.

If you don't want to be too tall, you can choose some non-gathering bras.