Is it necessary to choose sports underwear based on exercise intensity?

- Nov 01, 2019-

The choice of sports underwear and the intensity of sports are inseparable, because the function of sports bra is mainly based on exercise intensity and ergonomics.

Choose two individual factors for sports underwear: the size of the cup and the intensity of the movement.

1.The size of the cup

The MM of the A and B cups can be used for most of the sports bra. The MM above the C cup should choose a supportive product, and the protection of the chest will be even more.

2.The intensity of exercise

Different sports have different levels of intensity, and the impact on the body is different. The more intense the exercise, the greater the damage to the chest, and the higher the requirements for the bra. For example: hiking, brisk walking, yoga and other sports are less intense; golf, spinning, etc. are medium; running is a high degree, whether it is jogging or running.

Low-intensity exercise: Due to the low intensity of exercise, a simple fixed bra can be selected. The simple fixed bra is a layer of elastic mesh bra, simple structure, basically no design for the human body structure, the appearance is similar to small and cute, rarely exist in independent form, most with sports vests, slings, etc. Forms of clothing coexist. Since it is a low-vibration movement, there is no need to choose a high-elasticity, otherwise it may cause poor breathing during exercise.

Medium-intensity exercise: The most widely used type of bra is also the type used by most sports bras. It also relies mainly on the elasticity of the fabric to form a pressure on the chest to achieve a fixed purpose. In tailoring, it will take into account the shape of the breast, the structure, the force on the shoulder, the back force and other factors (simply called ergonomics), so that it can maintain good relative comfort while still being relatively fixed.

High-intensity exercise: The more intense the exercise, the more support you need. Obviously, the sports bras you need to do yoga and boxing are very different. When you try the bra, you can jump in the test room to see if it provides proper support for the chest. It should be based on your chest feeling safe (packaged) and not painful.