It's time to pay attention to men's swimming trunks

- Apr 17, 2019-

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When it comes to swimwear, Victoria's secret angels are on most people's minds, as are playboy swimwear girls and sports illustrated, an American magazine that spends millions of dollars each year looking for a swimsuit special featuring a popular female model. But when people talk about swimwear, both men and women, the topic rarely involves men's swimwear. Come to think of it, this is really a problem.

So, the men's swimsuit should also be a topic, after all, swimming trunks are the best show of men's masculinity "war clothes". If you have a waistline and an eight-pack, there is no doubt that you must choose a swimsuit. If you don't have one yet, make a point of choosing a swimsuit. After all, clothes make the man, and with the right trunks, you can shine on a summer beach. The glamour of the man, should have immanent only by no means, let good-looking skin bag break because of different swimsuit cookie-cutter.

If you look at men on the beach, you will find that there are so many styles of men's swimming trunks. I really don't want to hide it. After all, my knowledge base of swimsuits is full of women's swimsuits. But as men's fashion took over, the freestyle became a freestyle in design, as well as in design (yes, emphasis on design), as it did in suits, to differentiate dress from casual. After all, swimming trunks are the only thing on the beach that can convey a man's different charm. If you choose the wrong swimming trunks, even if you have the charisma to charm millions of people, you'll be amazed when you show up.

Now that I've typed on the board, I'm going to highlight it. The classification of men's swimming trunks is as simple as the swimming trunks themselves, but with a lot of knowledge. After all, details determine the success or failure of the beach "walking show".

How many styles do you know?

Men's casual swimming trunks are mainly triangle, flat corner and beach pants, which can be selected according to different dressing needs and personal preferences.

Swim trunks:

The most important feature of the trunks is that they are good for shaping. If the thighs are tight enough, they can show the powerful muscle lines of the thighs. Moreover, the trunks can visually lengthen the proportion of the legs and look more comfortablBoxer shorts:

The biggest feature of the boxers is that they avoid a lot of unnecessary awkwardness with a little more fabric than the briefs.

Beach pants:

Nowadays beach pants, in the attention plays cruel besides, considered the possibility that wears it to enter the water, because this is in fast, dry design and reduce water resistance respect, have stronger performance. And when out of the water, you can quickly rely on a jacket, complete in different scenes in a seamless exit.

Choose the right waist height

The waist height of men's swimming trousers mainly includes middle waist, low waist and ultra-low waist. Just as women dream of turning up in a bikini, beautiful men also dream of showing off their manliness by donning a pair of ultra-low waist swimming trunks after getting in shape.

Middle waist: this is the first choice for most people. If you have a small belly, you can cover it up.

Low waist: because can show a figure and be favored by a lot of bodybuilding men.

ltra low waist: it is the best artifact to show the waistline and eight-pack abs.

Choose the right waist and refuse to swim naked

Mainly includes the elastic belt belt, the elastic belt + pulls the rope belt belt.

Elastic waistband: many poor-quality swim trunks have elastic waistbands, which shorten the life of the swim trunks as they become looser.

Double harness: the elastic band and drawstring harness approach solves this problem well and provides a double harness for men to avoid seeing themselves swimming naked when they get out of the water.