It's time to throw away your speedos. You should wear them to the beach

- Apr 22, 2019-

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One meter eight height, perfect proportion, wheat color skin, fashion hair style, eight abs. With such a body, a pair of swimming trunks is the focal point, and even mankini can pull it off perfectly, but are you sure you can get in and out of the clubhouse pool and resort beach in that outfit? A pair of skinny briefs may not be your first choice for sunbathing on the beach. We've simulated four beach resort regulars (some good, some bad) wearing different swim trunks for you, and, of course, a selection of tips.

Solo swimmers will opt for the swim trunks

When you put a pair of professional swimming trunks in your holiday bag, think about it. It means you want to spend half an hour or so in the pool or on the beach in the morning or at midnight.

But if you want to jump into an open-air pool full of people in your tight red underwear, you're wrong

"In the morning, the first rays of the sun just jumped out of the sea, orange light, at the end of the line of sight diffuse open. You were awakened by the first chirping of birds. You pushed open the window and took a deep breath of the humid air. You decided to enjoy the tenderness of the sea alone before anyone else. So you put on a pair of knit pants, speedo, and you jump out the window and into the beach.

Race players pick tight swimming trunks

Half-leg or full-leg tights have only one function: they allow you to swim faster. Of course, you may also want to use these trunks to show off your expertise in an indoor pool.

Since you are wearing such professional swimming trunks, please swim faster

"The first man jumped into the sea. The second man followed and jumped into the sea. But more people are like you, hesitating, looking at the sea over his feet, looking at the hometown on the other side. Hesitated. A moment later, you clench your fist, close your eyes, jump in, slam your arms into the water, and sprint across with your knee-length swimming trunks.

The all-rounder will opt for the jumpsuitThe jumpsuit is the most functional and can protect the skin. Scuba diving, surfing, whatever. But if it's to protect yourself from the sun, why not spend a summer afternoon at home with a tub and a soap opera?

Or if you're allergic to uv rays or have other skin conditions, don't be afraid to expose your skin

"Day more blue than before this happens, it is not blue, and at any time the sky is different -- sight is light blue, as the line of sight away, fracture, unexpectedly appeared in the sky in the cracks in the distance, color deep down, like a trench caused water suddenly became dark, now, is mapped into the sky. Looking at the wilting trees outside, you put on a rubber bathing suit that covers you, and you want to go to the sea for one last time before the whole world collapses.

Vacationers will opt for beach pantsA pair of plain-coloured beach trousers can even be worn for any occasion in a coastal city, so this style is more recommended by GQ than any other style. Also believe that you are going to the beach for a holiday, wearing a pair of beach pants will make you look like you are enjoying life.

You're not competing with someone in a pool or in the ocean to see who can swim the 100 meters faster

"You are standing here at the end of yurmala beach, which stretches for 33 kilometers in latovia. You walk slowly and deliberately forward, catch your breath, look down at the beach pants you're wearing today, organize yourself, and no one can see how excited you are.

Wide body style shades BBB 0

Same is beach pants, still have all sorts of dazzling detail, perhaps, when choosing these detail, you can consider his figure first. If you have a proud flesh puff on your waist, don't wear a pair of well-fitting swim trunks.

For a man of this size, opt for a loose but loose waist or a slung waist. Ralph Lauren's swim trunks, which you can wear as normal shorts, have a waist that is adjusted by the side drawstrings, making them easy to move around. Coupled with its ability to dry quickly, it doesn't get so dampingly wet when you step inside from the outdoor pool.

Ralph Lauren | $395

The knee-length style shows strength

Skinny guys, please try to avoid wearing tight or short swimming trunks, which will make you look like a child. Wearing drawstring and knee-length swimming trunks will make you look less vulnerable. In addition, wide horizontal stripes will make you look stronger.

The Orlebar Brown has a more relaxed cut that allows you to stretch your legs and run free on the sand. Once you feel hot, wear it and head for the ocean.

Orlebar Brown | $275

Surfboard swim trunks tuck in

For a beer-bellied foodie body, opt for a medium - or knee-length, baggy swim suit, preferably a surfboard, with a silhouette that will flatter the hips. The waist drawstring design makes it easy to adjust the size and comfort without getting caught in an awkward position.

When choosing a style, avoid the key words like "slim" and "close the legs" and choose the one that is close to the knee. Tom Ford's skateboard pants have retro stripes that won't stand out even if you have some waistbands.

Tom Ford | $495

Short swim trunks trim legs

For a short build, avoid long drawstring trunks and opt for shorter, slimmer styles that visually increase your height. Avoid 15cm or more pant legs, otherwise people will be attracted to you, it must not be because of anything good.Long, streamlined designs are often thought of as slim, but not for shorter people. While these shorts may look like your favorite boxer shorts, they're also a great way to turn heads with your four-pack abs.

Parke & Ronen | $14

Length is everything

No matter how tall you are, legs should never be shorter than 10cm. Generally speaking, height is in 180 centimeters fluctuation, the appropriate length of pants leg is 15 to 17 centimeters; Height less than 1 meter 75 meters, aiming at the leg length of 10 to 13 cm.

Even a toned figure should think twice before wearing beach pants. A length of 15cm is the norm. With the right cut and retro simplicity, this Michael Kors dress is perfect for a Mediterranean getaway.

Michael Kors | $75

Skin color advice?

If you're fair-skinned, try not to try bright colors like fluorescent. They'll accentuate the warm tones of your body and won't result in the photos you want to post to your friends.

In this case, cool colors, especially heavy ones like navy and black, are a no-go choice. The opposite is also true. If you have a dark complexion, go for bright, contrasting colors. Only you can wear the best colors.What can't you wear?

No matter your size or height, there's always a minefield you want to avoid: don't wear a big logo.

Yes, it's eye-catching, but the first thing you notice about this kind of dress is a lack of confidence, not to mention personal style. Brands don't pay for endorsements. Why would you want to be a billboard? Dress for your body type and skin tone to look classy.