Meaning of bikini

- Mar 11, 2019-

Sex High Waisted Bikini Bottoms.jpg

If you don't have a sexy bikini, what about going to the beach? !

Because of the bikini, we fell in love with the beach.

Sun, beach and bikini are probably the perfect combination in the world.

Speaking of bikinis, it may be a dispensable thing for most people, so you won't be too bothered when you pick them. Just find one that can cover three points.

Since the French romantic mechanical engineer Louis Redd invented the world's first bikini, these small pieces of cloth have triggered a "nuclear explosion" in the fashion world.

Just the "nuclear explosion concept" is also the origin of the bikini name, originated from the Pacific Ocean "Bikini Atoll", where the United States launched the first nuclear explosion test in peacetime.

In the 18th century, some women began to swim in tight robes.

After the birth of the bikini, I love swimming, and the girl who loves to show her body is broken.

This kind of swimwear, which only protects the mosaic parts, not only liberates the women by the pool, but also makes the nakedness a trend that is increasingly accepted by society.

Just as the jeans were regarded as the fashion symbol of the new generation, the birth of the bikini completely changed the world's view of nakedness.

It also reflects a spiritual state of contemporary women.

By 1988, bikinis accounted for 20% of swimwear sales.

Today, bikinis have become the only choice for foreign countries to play with water.