Notes for going to the beach

- Mar 04, 2019-

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1. When you get to the beach, change your swimsuit, move your body, and prepare on the shore, mainly to prevent you from suddenly cramping after entering the water. Then infiltrate the skin in shallow water to make the body suitable for water temperature. It is best not to go too far in the water-based people. The sea and the swimming pool are different. The sea has tides and tides. Once the tide is high, you are far away from the beach. The physical exertion is extremely dangerous. Every year, you are killed. Tourists in the sea. Remember!!

2. Travel deep sea area, whether you will swim the best people to get into the water together, at least one of the companions will bring a lifebuoy, just in case, people who swim often know that it is often water (and is This is the truth. Life is the most precious. Don’t be jokes with life at this time.

3. Drugs: At the very least, you need to bring a pack of band-aids. The reefs on the bottom of the sea can not be long-sighted. It is common practice to make a hole.

4. The sun on the beach is no more than usual, because you are playing at the beach, so time is often overlooked, so don’t be fashionable and play with the sun bath. Be careful, you should cry when the skin hurts and peels every three or five days. And, recently, the sun is active, it is easy to get skin cancer, and playing health is the key.

5. Do not drink alcohol at the beach, and the consumption of glucose in the body after drinking alcohol will cause hypoglycemia. In addition, alcohol can inhibit the normal physiological function of the liver, hinder the conversion and storage of glucose in the body, and cause accidents. At the same time, alcohol can affect the judgment of the brain, and increase the chance of swimming accidents. Remember not to go into the water after drinking, don't make fun of life.

6. After the ear is in the water, it should be controlled in time (the ear that is in the water is washed down, the side is headed, and the fist is made with the hand and the force is combined with the head several times at the same time, until the water flows out or the one foot jumps).

7. Don't take a bath after you go home, just wash it with a bath and it's OK. At this time, the skin is the weakest, and it will be broken if you don't pay attention. Especially for girls, it is best to do a natural skin care mask after bathing, but it is best not to use tear-off type (not suitable for skin at this time), such as It is better to have a sunscreen repair cream. It feels like rubbing milk on the skin, but it is only effective on the day, and it is late the next day.