Psychological analysis of shorts selection

- Sep 26, 2018-

In Western history, shorts are only worn by young boys. When children grow up, they will have their first trousers. This is to say that shorts are just young boys.thing. Therefore, even in summer, adult men do not wear shorts in order not to feel that they are immature. But since the Second World War, many soldiers have been sent to the tropics, and more adult men are wearing shorts. In the 1970s, due to the energy crisis, European and American countries proposed to change clothes with less clothing to reduce the use of air conditioners and fans, and later became women's fashion. Today, most young boys already have trousers when they can distinguish between trousers and shorts. Even if they still wear shorts when they reach adulthood, they will not be given a strange feeling. But in many countries, wearing shorts is always considered too casual, and it is still unacceptable for employees to wear shorts to work in the office. Many American companies, such as IBM, have regulations for casual wear worn by employees, noting that employees cannot wear shorts.