Swimming trunks selection

- Jan 16, 2019-

Boys Casual Shorts Swim Trunks.jpg

Speaking of swimming trunks, I found that many boys in Europe and the United States wear such loose swimming trunks. In fact, it is quite convenient, you can swim in the water and not play on the beach. When choosing this kind of beach pants, the length is generally over the knee, the color is not too light, and the water may become transparent. In addition, when you choose beach pants, if you have the plan to launch the water, you must choose the quick-drying fabric. If it is ordinary cotton cloth, the swimming trunk will stick to the leg after the water, not only will it feel very good. Uncomfortable, outsiders also seem to feel very unsightly. Finally, remind everyone not to mix underwear and swimming trunks, although their appearance looks similar, but the fabric work is completely different. The underpants are generally made of pure cotton, and the water will become very heavy and easily exposed to light.

When choosing swimming trunks, you must first consider your own needs. If you just go for a simple stroll on the beach, then just wear ordinary beach pants. If you are going to practice swimming professionally, then there will be a lot of swimming trunks. Today, Xiaobian focuses on the selection of professional swimming trunks. The length of the mainstream swimming trunks on the market today is divided into three types, boxer trunks, swimming trunks, and swimming trunks. I personally think that boys wear boxer shorts are the best. They don’t make people feel too much and greasy. They don’t get too much resistance in the water. They must choose the size that suits their size. It's comfortable. Professional swimming trunks are relatively close-fitting, but there is no need to choose too tight. After all, it is not a professional athlete. If you wear it, it will be uncomfortable, and it will also restrain the swimming movement. Don't be too cheap when choosing swimming trunks, or choose a branded swim trunk with good quality.