Swimwear tips

- Feb 21, 2019-

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1. A-type body: the chest is not full enough is the trouble of many oriental women, the woman with small and flat breasts, want to make the chest look fuller, you must choose some swimsuit style with pleated front chest, because of the three-dimensional pleats Can make the chest look more rounded. If you want to make the effect more remarkable, you can choose a brightly colored swimsuit such as pink and yellow, which will make the lines stand out under the white complexion.

Key points: The chest has a curved line, a "V" shaped dividing line, a chest pad with a half cup shape or a bikini on the chest, and an irregular large flower pattern is selected. The color is mainly colored, which can be hidden. Cushion. Avoid choosing a swimsuit that is too simple and monochrome.

2. B-type body: The waist is thin and wide. It is the most typical shape of an oriental girl. If you want to correct this shape, you can try a skirt swimsuit and a split swimsuit to receive different effects. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can cover the gap, but it should be noted that the width of the skirt, too tight can only play the opposite role. Split-type swimsuits reduce the contrast between the waist and the ankle because of the division between them, which highlights the thin waist and reduces people's attention to looseness. If the buttocks are full, you should choose a flat-leg or short-skirt swimsuit, and the upper body with a more exaggerated pattern can effectively cover the fat hips. Because the exaggerated pattern has the effect of diverting the line of sight, shorts or short skirts can effectively cover the full buttocks and exert a decorative effect.

Focus: slightly tilted skirts, boxers. A scarf can also be added to the swimsuit, which helps to cover the disadvantages of large hips and thick legs.

3.H-shaped body: It is originally flat, and then wearing a simple swimsuit is even more "clear noodles". Using a uniquely designed swimsuit to increase the level of beauty of the body can make you mysterious and sexy. Bikini is a good choice, it can highlight the beauty of the line, making the waist and legs look more slender. However, the color should be based on plain color, try to avoid the choice of colorful and exaggerated styles. Of course, although this kind of eye-catching style can make the figure look fuller, it does not make the figure look slender.

Focus: the use of transparent materials, layered skin design.

4. The upper body is too narrow: choose the style of the shirt, which can highlight the collarbone and the horizontal position.

Key points: Pick Halter-neck neck or single-neck straps or low-cut off-the-shoulder styles, which will make the heads look wider on both sides.

5. The lower body is thicker: For women who have thicker waist and lack of lines, no matter what type of swimsuit they wear, they only need to know the color matching to get the effect of slimming the waist line. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower sides is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite. You can also choose to wear a three-point or two-piece head to shift the visual focus to the up and down position, so the waist looks a little slimmer. Women with thick legs like players can wear some high-cut swimsuits. Although this will reveal the legs, but it will make the legs look slender and make the lines more beautiful, or the sides of the pants are thin straps, which will also make the legs It seems to be longer.

Key points: wear a single-color one-piece swimsuit and a pattern on the waist to distract the line of sight. Avoid wearing flat or shorts, and the legs will look shorter.

6. Busty body: Breast enhancement should be equipped with a one-piece swimsuit. For a busty woman, wearing a swimsuit will always feel uncomfortable and often afraid of getting out. Think about the style of a head, which can lengthen the lines of the body and reduce the chance of getting out.

Key points: The horizontal pattern makes the plump upper circumference appear flatter, and the combination of the two can make the lines more uniform and natural.

7. Note: White taboos - white swimsuits are often female taboos, because the light color relationship, coupled with the fabric is not thick enough, the water will have a see-through situation, so pay attention to when buying:

Choose a thick texture, you can pull it and test the thickness of the fabric;

Avoid using latex stickers, if the swimsuit is too thin, you will see it;

You can add a flesh-colored coat to avoid the shackles of perspective.

However, the white swimsuit is often divided into two layers of fabric lining, which is not cool enough.