The cultural significance of the bikini

- Jan 21, 2019-

Bikini Padded Cutout Strappy Halter Swimsuits.jpg

Bikini  Since the beginning of the Americans in early 1946, as a symbol of human freedom and liberation, it is a symbol of modernist culture in the 20th century, and was quickly accepted by postmodern society as a concept of postmodern culture. Fashion symbol. Of course, for ordinary people in life, swimsuits  is a must-have for swimwear and vacation at the seaside. However, what style of bikini to wear, still reveals different cultural concepts. Bikini, beyond any other clothing, has surpassed its original practical function and become the living language of cultural concepts.

In the new century, the following four themed swimwear  will wildly sweep every inch of the sun, and on the beach, decorate the scenery:


This is an expression of emotional meaning. Full of feminine vitality and cheerfulness, such as the bright summer sun, such as the jump of the seashore, such as the breeze flying, is a dynamic style, it is easy and natural. This theme-style bikini is colorful, with printed elastic fabric, plaid, stripes, and floral patterns, full of femininity. The design focus is on the decorative straps at the joints of the cups and the waist, adding a fluid movement. Most of the hood rings have steel plates to hold the chest. The hanging bandwidth is narrow and has an integrated and tapped shoulder strap.


This is an expression of the future concept - simple, bare. The human body exhibits geometric figures under the cutting of points, lines and faces - triangles, rectangles, diagonal lines, straight lines. It has the metal and digital flavor of the Cyber-culture era. This theme-inspired bikini features a monochrome, elastic, ultra-thin fabric with a light color and sparkle. The asymmetrical design is eye-catching. The back design is sloppy and completely tied with a cord to make the body more fully exposed to the summer sun. The ultra-thin fabric of elastic fiber embodies the role of “second skin”, making the bikini more fully part of the body.


This theme-style bikini is light in color, monochrome and print, with a slightly thicker elastic fabric. The design focuses on the ruffled trim, or the predecessor or the edging, which can be adorned with the chest. Generally, there is no steel support, linear design, and the bottom pants are high waist and flat pants, and low waist briefs. Emphasis is placed on the impression of a lively, lovely and relaxed girl.

"Game" is also a special word for contemporary culture. Entertainment is a game, life is a game, work is a game, and law and custom are called "rules of the game." This seems to be a bit of a cynical life of serious life - "game life", in fact, this is a kind of weightlifting of complex responsibilities - "drama life." The rise of leisure culture is a new kind of planning for time in the high-tech era, which makes the efficiency higher, makes life more quality, and is also a perfect way to keep the child's heart.


This is a bikini that highlights a healthy style. Health is a fashion pursued by contemporary people. People are saying this: "If you have health, you have everything." "Health is 1. Wealth, love, freedom, etc. Are all 0. With health, there are 100, 1000, 10000..." Exercise and fitness become a new life. Power.

This theme-inspired bikini is based on printed stretch fabric and is similar in style to sports underwear. Integral wide shoulder strap with straight stitching, horizontal stitching and diagonal stitching. The underpants are mid-rise briefs, and the decoration is concise, mainly because of the double-line seam marks and the side-by-side way to give people a generous and lovely impression.