The difference between a piece and a two-piece

- Feb 18, 2019-

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In summer, various swimming pools, water parks and seaside are good places to take a summer break. I believe that many fairies are worried about the choice of swimsuits. Do you know if it is better to buy a split or a joint? What is the difference between a one-piece swimsuit and a split swimsuit? I want to cover the meat and want to look good in the swimsuit. What should I do? First of all, to know the advantages and disadvantages of one-piece swimsuits and split swimsuits, you can choose as needed! Let Xiaotian talk about it.

One-piece swimsuit

Piece swimsuit  are one-piece swimsuits that are suitable for swimming learning and training as well as some swimmers. Why do you say that? Think about it carefully, all the female athletes in the sports swimming pool can wear a one-piece swimsuit, and basically the lower part is triangular. Let's just say that one-piece swimsuits are also divided into many types. In general, they can be divided into two categories, one is the training style mentioned above, and the other is our common skirt type.

The training swimsuits can be said to be basically conjoined, because the design of the conjoined body can fit the three parts of the chest, the waist and the hips, so that they can exert better force and it is not easy to go out because of the range of motion. And the training-type one-piece swimsuit has a good dewatering effect. That is to say, after swimming, it will not drag too much water and will not feel heavy. This is also the biggest shortcoming of the skirt-style one-piece swimsuit. Many skirt-style one-piece swimsuits are often designed to be more cumbersome for aesthetics, and even have several layers of skirts, which increases the resistance of swimming and the effect of water removal is not good. .

However, the one-piece swimsuit has a common shortcoming. It is very troublesome to go to the toilet. Hahaha, you have to take it off.

Therefore, if you are learning to swim or do some training, it is best to choose a training one-piece swimsuit, this is also the choice of the sports meeting; if it is for leisure and entertainment, but also to cover the meat, usually go to the swimming pool, choose one A nice-looking one-piece swimsuit with a skirt is also very good.

2. Split swimsuit

Speaking of split swimsuit, maybe the first time I think of a bikini, hahaha, yes, split swimsuit can be said to be a must-have swimsuit for beautiful girls! It is more convenient to wear, and there are really many good-looking designs. However, there is no meat at all, except for some conservative split swimsuits. It should be noted that some split swimsuits worn by straps are best to kill knots, because there are often many people in the pool. If you are accidentally kicked, it is easy to loosen the knot. , be careful! In general, the advantage is that it looks good and sexy. It is convenient to go to the toilet. The disadvantage is that it is relatively close to the meat. It may not be friendly to some sisters, but some split underwear designs can also cover the meat~

All in all, it is best to choose a training piece swimsuit  for swimming exercises. It is good to choose ones that you like when you are swimming. After all, most of the training one-piece swimsuits are not very good-looking.