The difference between a yoga bra and a sports bra

- Jan 09, 2019-

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In terms of style, the biggest difference between a yoga bra and a sports bra is that the sports bra will be stronger in design than some strength reasons, and even use thick sponges, wide shoulder straps, chest compressions, etc. To achieve shock absorption. The yoga sports bra  is more comfortable and beautiful, so it will be more skin-friendly and softer in the choice of fabrics. The style will also have thin shoulder straps, which will show the effect of beauty back. Therefore, the yoga bra will be more sporty than the movement. Bra has more beautiful choices

2, the functional aspects of the fabric have a major distinction, the movement because of the sweat in the process, the fabric is mostly based on sweat absorption, the pursuit of quick-drying. Because yoga bra top  lasts for a long time, and sweat is slow, so the fabric function is mostly breathable, pay attention to perspiration

3, yoga clothing flexibility needs to be particularly good, because yoga has some large movements, if the elasticity of clothing and pants is not enough will lead to a lot of uncomfortable movements, even in the stretching style will affect the accuracy of the body. Therefore, you need professional yoga clothes, not only comfortable but also better yoga clothes and pants. It is best to choose a slim style, so that the teacher can see your muscles and movement accuracy while learning, and help you adjust the posture. In the choice of fabrics, it is recommended to choose high-grade yoga clothes based on nylon fabrics. Compared with pure cotton fabrics, its rebound elastic support is not easy to deform, and its quick moisture absorption and wicking ability allows you to keep skin in practice. The refreshing help you practice.