The difference between beach pants and swim pants

- Apr 23, 2019-

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1, use

Beach pants are loose and thin rope-closure shorts, mainly used for beach play and vacation leisure, go out to play with a simple coat can be, and swimming pants in the professional field more requirements, is a formal swimming equipment.

2, material

The material of swimsuit is introduced above, main characteristic is waterproof, firm and have flexibility, in order to facilitate swimsuit movement; Beach pants, on the other hand, use large shorts made of a quick-drying fabric, with its own underpants, and the fabric has mesh inside, which ensures that the beach pants can dry quickly when wet.

3, shape,

There are different shapes of swimming trunks, such as triangles and horns. Different shapes of swimming trunks are required for different occasions, while the beach pants have only one shape, which is like big shorts.

Can beach pants replace swimming trunks

If it is a game, then yes, but for professional training, it is not.

Professional swimmers require less resistance between the trunks and the water, so of course they should not be considered swim trunks. But for daily leisure, in order to save trouble, or can, it is said that foreign beach pants also count as a kind of swimming trunks.

How to choose the pattern of beach pants

The design of beach pants is divided into stripe pattern, flower pattern, stripe beach pants 3 kinds. These three styles of beach pants all give a "dazzling" feeling, but they are actually quite different.

Although the pattern of beach pants itself is very individual and grandiose, we still should avoid to choose too messy design and color on beach pants choice. Secondly, the beach pants should be enough to form a clear contrast with the blue, in the endless sea, no one should want to "blend in" with the beach waves, right?

Beach pants brand recommendation1. Frescobol residentsFrescobol Carioca is relatively young. It was founded in Rio DE janeiro, Brazil in 2009. However, in just a few years, it has become a high-end brand of beach wear and beach products.

2. Vilebrequin

Logo is a cute little turtle, super points! Set up in the French resort of st. Tropez in 1971, the label is Europe's top beach pants brand. The color is very positive and does not fade easily. Outer big triangle canvas fabric is comfortable to wear and quick drying. Design profusion is flowery, bud, bright SAO, domineering design has, enough lets choose difficult disease to have a headache to die. And there are all kinds of couples' suits, parent-child suits, and your baby on the beach together concave shape is the best.

3. Orlebar Brown

Founded in 2007, Orlebar brown is the most photographed of its kind in Europe and the United States. The price is around 220-350 pounds. All fabrics are sourced from UK and Portugal with fine workmanship and excellent quality. The Shortest, Shorter, mid-length and Long are four sizes of Length to match different body shapes. The color is only big shop sign can have pure with clear, detail also is very perfect.