The kind of swimming trunks

- Jan 24, 2019-

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(1) No waist measures: This type of swimming trunks has basically disappeared, because swimming trunks that have neither elastic bands nor ropes are easy to fall off, and it is not safe to walk, not to mention the impact of water waves after launching. Unless you have very close-fitting swimming trunks, you can take no measures, but for safety reasons, don't wear such swimming trunks.

(2) Only elastic band: There are many swimming trunks, but you must choose the tightness when you buy. Because the purchase is loose, it can't be tight anymore, and it is easy to fall. It’s tight, it’s not comfortable. But to remind everyone that the elastic band is prone to aging in the water for a long time, losing its elasticity and becoming loose.

Note: If you are custom-made swimming trunks, sometimes you can tighten the swimming trunks according to your preference. I suggest to choose "loose", because looseness is just suitable for people's comfort level, and it is not easy to fall off (except for diving, if diving is still normal or tighter, otherwise it is easy to fall, the impact is too strong). I don't recommend to choose "very loose". Unless you are very fat, I have made such swimming trunks. As a result, the walking is going down. I have to install a belt and I have a lot.

(3) Only pants rope: the advantage is that it can adjust the tightness, and it is not easy to age like the elastic band, but this swimming trunk is rare, and it is almost eliminated, and there may still be disadvantages. However, most of the swimming trunks are like this.

(4) Both elastic and pants ropes can be said to be compatible with the nature of both, with the highest safety factor. Therefore, it has become the mainstream of today, and I personally recommend it.

(1) Do not swim your underwear as swimming trunks, because the fabric of the underwear is mostly pure cotton. It is easy to absorb water after being put into the water, which makes the underwear very heavy, and the underwear is loose, which is very unsafe. And light-colored underwear is easier to be transparent.

(2) Swimming trunks should also not be worn as underwear. Swimming trunks are not breathable and do not absorb sweat, which is very unhealthy for health.

(3) In addition, when purchasing swimming trunks, pay attention to the interface between the thread ends and the fabric and the fabric to avoid breakage of the thread or fabric.

●Special introduction to sexy swim trunks:

Mesh sexy swimming trunks: that is, swimming trunks with mesh, such swimming trunks give people a half-baked beauty, unrestrained with a beautiful beauty.

Cover-style swim trunks: The entire swimming trunks only have a small piece of cloth covering the key parts, and the hips have no cover. The swimwear sales are quite poor.

Fully transparent sexy swim trunks: The fabric of the swimming trunks is made of fully transparent material. If someone says that you are not wearing swimming trunks, you actually wear them, others can't see them, let him touch them, and have a layer of cloth.