The temperature rises recently, cannot help wanting to go swimming, what good-looking swimsuit to recommend?

- May 07, 2019-

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The temperature has risen recently, many places are very hot, can not help but want to go swimming, or to the idea of the sea waves, so what is the swimsuit beautiful and fashionable? Actually this year design and color department also gave a lot of, so recommend a few good-looking swimsuit to everybody now, holiday also is very beautiful, look together!

1, the morandi color swimming suit

No matter be part body, conjoined body money, compare other swimsuit grace has temperament, show white do not pick a person, and even be flat bosom also can be controlled!

2. Striped and plaid bathing suit

This style is more suitable for small girls to choose, because the single relatively short, very suitable for small, wearing high, long legs, the proportion is also appropriate, not like some one-piece swimsuit as pick figure, some flounces, or a-word skirt style is also very characteristic.

Orange suit

Spring summer outings which can little the orange of vigor yellow, these a few that choose suit the fairy maiden of lumbar sweater curve quite to wear, the design of the shoulder sleeve of falbala, waist gauze keep out, loose falbala hangs down feeling very good keep out the proud flesh with redundant waist, also be line skin white make an eye again.

Wear a green suit

Green is the color full of vitality, making people calm and comfortable. In spring and summer, you can choose the green swimsuit, which is also very beautiful for taking photos.

Wear a red bathing suit

Red brings suction eyeball feeling oneself, it is the swimsuit that conjoined body money or separate body no matter, what this kind of back crosses bind a belt is more fiery, sexy, very conspicuous!

Wear a pink bathing suit

Who does not have a girl heart ah, weak pink, a pink has wen wan temperament very much, the fairy maiden that resembles a few bosom to compare big can choose the design that gets deep V, still some girls two arms flesh flesh are more, can choose to take the small 3 suit that wrap outside taking off swimsuit, what enter the water suits to take off, be worn on shore, very practical!blue

Blue department swimsuit is very relaxed and clean, you can choose from the conjoined, split; Revealing and conservative; Skirts and trousers; The way of long money, short money will choose, grain of a few blue check, stripe can have fashionable feeling more!

White suit

White is a very versatile color, pure and clean, very fresh after wearing, if the crotch is relatively wide fairies can choose the waist hollow, loose lower body style, can shift the attention up, the lower body is simple and loose better.

9. Mix and match colors

The style of this kind of wrap type also suits a few bosom quite plump, arm flesh is more the sister with more flesh, of gauze more sex appeal is faint, depth matchs spouse quite good, and can very good raise strong points and avoid weak points.

Black and gray suit

Black, gray is to have a lot of audience crowd from beginning to end, anybody chooses won't be wrong, integral brunet has the effect that shows thin, suit all sorts of body model, next the swimsuit design of black gray department is quite much, do not want too wonderful simply!

Ok, above is a few good-looking swimsuit recommend, according to oneself body model characteristic and individual hobby are chosen, suit oneself just is the most good-looking!