This design of sports underwear can hold all the cups

- Mar 24, 2020-

In winter, wrapping myself like a bear is still freezing.

A more effective way to protect yourself from cold is to exercise, sweat, and heat up!

I randomly asked a few sisters around me and found that everyone had doubts about sports. It turned out to be a problem with sports bras:

A sports bra is to support the chest by "tightening", it is uncomfortable to wear, breathless, and can't persist for 10 minutes per exercise.

Wear a sports bra once, the friction is too strong, the chest is worn out, it is better to wear an ordinary bra to exercise!

Have you guys in the B cup considered the cold feeling of our D cup? Can't the bras support at all, so we can't move?

No wonder some surveys show that, on average, 77% of women do not wear sports underwear when they exercise, and about half of them consider it unnecessary to wear sports underwear, and 19% do not wear bras at all.


When a woman is exercising, her breasts move in three dimensions. For example, when running, the breast's trajectory resembles a figure eight. Ordinary bras can only prevent breasts from moving up and down, but they only control half of the breast movements.

Tests abroad have found that when a person runs a mile (1609 meters), their breasts will shake 135 meters. Even with a 34A cup, the breasts will leave the body 4.2 cm during exercise. For women at 36C, the chest beats up and down during exercise 11.9 cm.

This large swing causes permanent damage to the elastic fibers in the breast, resulting in sagging chests.

Choose a comfortable, body-fitting, well-supported sports bra that will allow you to exercise freely while protecting your chest.

The first step in choosing a sports bra is to first determine what the purpose of your exercise is and what sports you are interested in. Generally, there are three types of exercise intensity based on the heart rate.

Low-intensity exercise, general fitness, such as walking, yoga, Pilates, etc.

Medium-intensity exercise increases physical vitality and skill, such as golf, dance, and aerobics.

High-intensity exercise increases cardiopulmonary ability and shaping, such as long-distance running, trail running, football, rope skipping, etc.

The intensity of exercise is not absolute, such as rowing machines, you can set the intensity of exercise. It can be easily completed with low-intensity exercise. If you feel that the heart rate rises quickly and it takes a lot of effort to complete, then the exercise intensity is relatively high.

Sports bras are also divided into low-intensity, medium-intensity, and high-intensity support. The cutting-edge sports brand "Fantastic" is famous for designing bras with high-strength support.

we are a professional sports underwear brand jointly developed by Nanjing Bates and the famous French sports underwear designer Emma Rosen.

Our product design, using the perfect fusion of sports and art, design and quality are not inferior to foreign big names, the price is very close to the people, wear them, you will not only be praised "good-looking", but also "unique."

Sports bras with poor support can not protect the breasts.

Our sports bra, the wearer does any movement, the sports bra will not be shifted, can firmly support the chest.

And a bra has a maximum of more than 60 sizes, no matter how many cups, no matter what kind of fitness sports, can support!

The choice of fabrics is also very particular. Our sports bra also uses ultra-high elastic and wear-resistant sports fabrics, which is not easy to wrinkle.