Tips for choosing sports underwear

- Mar 08, 2019-

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Autumn is here, more and more girls are on the social software, drying the line, sweating, drying the vest line, this is a very beautiful, very inspirational state of life, but sports can sometimes bring harm to our body. If there is no choice of sports underwear, the bouncing of the chest during exercise will affect the blood circulation, causing the chest to deform and burden the body. Therefore, the choice of sports underwear is very important for the sisters who love sports and fitness. So how do we choose sports underwear?


Sports underwear belongs to close-fitting clothing. Because it is in direct contact with the skin, the choice of fabric must be soft and skin-friendly, so as to avoid long-term friction between bra and skin and cause skin damage. Secondly, when exercising, the movement is relatively large, and there is more sweating. The high elasticity of the material and rapid perspiration are also very important references.


There are many different styles of sports underwear, but they can be roughly divided into three categories. The first type is a simple fixed type, and the sling sports vest belongs to this category. However, the thin shoulder strap has a relatively large shoulder pressure and poor support, and is suitable for low-intensity exercise. The second type is a pressure-type fixed type. The strap-on underwear with cross-back or overall connection is one of them. It is also the most popular sports underwear choice we wear. The composite sports vest generally has a separate cup structure, which can support the breast well and provide superior support effects to meet most sports needs. When purchasing, choose according to your own needs and wearing habits.


Sports underwear is to protect our chest and not be affected by the movement, so the functional requirements are relatively high. Aerobic exercise pays great attention to the shock resistance of sports underwear, and its encapsulation and supportability. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose a more compact sports underwear. A little bit of activity when trying on, it is qualified without shaking.


The best is the best, to understand the size and characteristics of your chest. This must be understood, otherwise it is not convenient to buy underwear that is not suitable.