Turning up at the beach in a red bathing suit, the 28-year-old British swimsuit designer is no ordinary person.

- Apr 18, 2019-

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A swimsuit is a costume worn to show the body in the water or at the beach and in models and beauty pageants. There are one-piece and two-piece and three-point (bikini) variations.

The original swimsuit clung to the body, covering most of the body. At the beginning of the 20th century men's swimwear began to wear shorts without a top. After the end of the first world war, women's leggings became popular in France, and other swimsuits were gradually phased out. Since 1935, women have been wearing two-piece swimsuits with bras and shorts. In 1947, the bikini became popular, leading swimwear to a new direction. Modern swimsuit no matter from colour, design, material a few respects exceed before, formed much colorific, much style, high quality swimsuit new tide. Generally, the use of water is not loose, not made of bulging textiles.

Kimberly garner, 28, one of the first girls born in the 1990s, has become a famous swimsuit designer and a regular guest on reality TV. Kimberly garner is a British swimsuit designer, TV personality, actor and socialite best known for her role on reality TV.

Professional competitive swimsuit is usually single in design and color, and the style is mainly composed of one-piece vest, simple and lively.

No frills. On colour, it is much with pure color and chunk spell color, what see more on the market is dark blue, black and white to wait. Its design is mainly reflected in the function and the fabric. The fabric is made of highly elastic lycra spandex and polyvinegar compound, which is more tight and elastic than the ordinary swimsuit. Coupled with the simplicity of the style, it can reduce the resistance in swimming and improve the speed of the competition. Internationally famous sportswear brands have launched professional competitive swimsuits, which have high quality and high price.

Kimberley Garner poses for attention in a red t-shaped bikini as she arrives at the beach on December 30, 2018. In May 2013, garner launched her first swimsuit collection and went on to release two more.

Kimberly Garner was educated at st George's school in ascot and took classes in art, politics, photography and religion. Garner was the daughter of Russell Garner and Geraldine Garner, real estate developers in kensington, and later became his own real estate developer.

In 2017, she played the heroine in the Hollywood action movie "" sweetheart." " Sunshine is aspersed on her pure face, suddenly see her smile, can be called really "sweet heart"!

Garner's smile has a natural healing power that seems to make people forget all their troubles. Girls who love to laugh don't have bad luck

As a swimsuit designer, she is as graceful as a professional model in her swimsuit

The harder I work, the luckier I am. I hope you and I can make persistent efforts to do the things we like and live as we want. Come on!