Want to go to the beach in summer to see what kind of swimsuit suits your body?

- May 07, 2019-

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Having visited so many cities and countries, large and small, I found that people in different regions not only have different living habits, but also have different choices of clothes.

For instance the sister of euramerican country, no matter flat bosom or plump, have a waist still have a belly, unite preference bikini.Asian women, on the other hand, are more subtle, either posing for a flattering picture in a pretty dress or wearing a blouse or skirt over a bathing suit.

Actually no matter which kind of swimsuit chooses, the most important is to want to suit us! Blindly show or cover not only disrespect our figure, also sorry the fat that had reduced and the flesh that had eaten!

Somebody says, swimsuit is just like war gown, what can spell a figure spell a figure, spell the spell style that does not cross a figure, calculate spell however style, anyhow also should choose to hide a flesh to show again already thin that one! I think so

The girl with big bosom goes to seaside should not be in at all afraid of? As long as enough self-confidence, bikini casually wear ~ but maggie suggested that big breasts of girls had better not easily try this kind of style, or pocket is easy to go.

If you really like or really want to wear a bikini, it is recommended to choose a style with a steel ring, which can better fix the chest, after all, to look good and practical ah

Athletic swimsuit also is one of the styles that recommends big bosom sister very much, comparethe sexy of bikini, more the strong and handsome of a motion.

But don't opt for anything too sporty or all black, as it looks like you're going to a sporting event.

While flat boobs are more advanced in the fashion world, there is no benefit to wearing a bathing suit on the beach.

Flat chest do not wear a smooth neck, otherwise it is "not the most flat, only more flat".

Change the lacy money that melting girl must have is much better! Use lacy to build expand feeling, minute realizes A cup to change C cup from the vision, still can show the girl incidentally lively with clever move feeling ~

Or similar this kind of drape money, use adornment to let bosom bang like lacy money rise, look not so flat.

The cool girl that does not walk melting girl style can choose the bikini of triangular design swimsuit, the cover cup of triangle won't let you empty cup embarrassment also more show sex appeal.

Who says flat breasts are not sexy? Big back + band, exposed beautiful butterfly bone, easy to play advanced sexy ~

The sister with thick arm can choose the style of long sleeve, can hide a flesh to be able to prevent bask in again already, kill two birds with one stone.

If the upper body is long-sleeved, it is best to choose the split style, which is easy to look like a lifeguard.

The design of one word shoulder suits arm thick star person likewise, but the money that should remember to choose to be close to shoulder line quite, otherwise the meeting on card is in arm appears arm is more brawny."Little abdomen old woman" the swimsuit that the most appropriate design belongs to skirt type of course is not ~ loose skirt is placed can cover abdomen, the design of A word still can obscure ham root, show leg fine, leg is long.

If you don't want to wear a skirt, the split high-waisted style is also great for women with proud flesh bellies. The design of tall waist can block the flesh, pull tall waist line at the same time, minute builds big long leg to look already feeling.

Although say to spend a thought to buy swimsuit is to go to sea to play, but as a land duck, I still honest tread water on the edge, take a picture. But you seem a little uncomfortable in your bathing suit? And the sun is so hot! Tactful as I am, I have come up with several combinationsSwimsuit + T-shirt

In summer, the T-shirt is the most practical and versatile thing to wear, even in a bathing suit.

A loose T-shirt can hide both the flesh and the sun, and a knot at the bottom shows off the waist.

Swimsuit + shirtWhite shirts are really versatile. Compared with t-shirts, they are more convenient and handsome. They can be worn or removed at any time.

How can I be without a striped shirt this year? Blue and white stripes against the blue sky and white clouds, sitting on the deck overlooking the sea in the distance, the whole person was quiet.

Swimsuit + blouse

Frivolous smock also is the good helper of swimsuit, the design of bud silk much a romance and enchanting.

Black bud silk unlined upper garment set off the seawater of blue, have a kind of what cannot say is rich and colourful with sex appeal, the neck that swimsuit hangs shows also won't be like common underwear that kind is embarrassed, added nifty feeling instead.

(4) swimsuit + jeans

Swimsuits and jeans should be a common pairing these days. Jolin and silly face have worn swimsuits and jeans on street trips.

Is it too hot to wear ripped trousers on a hot summer day? Switch from swimsuits to bikinis and pants to shorts for a cool summer

Swimsuit + half skirt

This floral skirt is very practical. It can be worn as a bustier skirt or a bikini

I've also seen clever girls wrap large scarves around their waists to create hemlines, and those with good hands can do the same

Today's swimsuit share to here ~ each wheat fans summer also want to remember wave to rise, hide in air conditioning room very easy to fall ill everyday, even if go natatorium swims a swim to also be very good!

If you have any questions about swimsuits, please leave me a comment or tell me what you want to see. Maybe next time you can share what you want to see