what are bathing suits?

- Dec 11, 2018-

High Waisted One Piece Bathing Suits

Swimsuits refer to special clothes for women swimming, as well as male swimsuits. Swimsuits are different from gymnastics suits. Generally, swimsuits do not sink when they are immersed in water. Bathing suits are generally made of textiles that do not sag and do not swell.

Swimwear has one-piece and two-piece and three-point (bikini) variations. The original swimwear clung to the body, covering most of the body's three-point swimwear points. At the beginning of the 20th century, men’s swimwear began to wear shorts without shirts. After the end of the First World War, women wearing tight-fitting trousers were popular in France, and other swimwear were gradually eliminated. Beginning in 1935, the woman began wearing a two-piece swimsuit made up of bras and shorts. In 1947, bikinis became popular, driving swimwear to a new direction. Modern swimwear has surpassed the past in terms of color, style and material, forming a new trend of multi-color, multi-style and high-quality swimwear.

The most common swimsuit fabrics are divided into the following three categories:

1, dupont Lycra swimsuit will have a longer service life than the ordinary material swimsuit, more suitable for one-piece swimsuit.

2, nylon fabric swimwear is a medium price, of course, compared with dupont Lycra face swimsuit, the degree of solidity is not enough, but the elasticity and softness are comparable, is now the most common swimwear fabrics people use most often.

3, polyester fabric swimwear is small, limited, and is a low-priced product, generally designed as a split swimsuit, not suitable for one-piece swimsuit.